Rachel Dolezal Isn’t The Only White Person In The Public Eye Who Claimed To Be Black

The media storm that has circled around Rachel Dolezal isn’t unique. Another person in the public eye who self-identified as black has also been called out for his race. Mark Stebbins, who was born to two white parents, told people while he was running for City Council in Stockton in 1983 that he was black. Now 72 years old and a member of the NAACP, he still confirms that he is black, despite his birth heritage, and he stated the following according to Yahoo.

“I consider myself black. But also there is no such thing. But I want you to know that, there is, within that construct, there is a side that’s against racism, so I’m on that side….The whole idea of white and black is not a reality. There’s no such thing. We have made in the United States that sort of racial construct that doesn’t exist. It’s like saying the world is flat. It’s just a myth. Whatever race you consider yourself, you’re not. That kind of construct, it doesn’t work….The only reason I say that [I consider myself black] is because, again, you have a racial construct that isn’t reality.”

When questioned, Stebbins indicated that he didn’t know whether or not his parents were white, despite the fact that his birth certificate identifies his parents as being white.

However, Stebbins defeated the black incumbent city councilman Ralph White in the 1980s. Reportedly, White at the time claimed that the District wouldn’t have elected him if it knew that he was white. Stebbins lost the post in a recall election, when White indicated that Stebbins failed to adequately represent the District. Ironically, White back then essentially said what many are stating about Rachel Dolezal now: that one cannot be trans-race, [and that it is not the same as being transgender]. White stated the following, according to ABC News Channel 10.

“[I]f your mother’s an elephant and your father’s an elephant, you can’t be a lion.”

Stebbins said the following regarding Dolezal’s resignation as the president of the Spokane NAACP chapter after her parents and other family members indicated that she is white, according to Yahoo.

“I think it’s a shame. She should not have resigned….I think the only reason that she did, or that the situation came up, is because she was effective in fighting some of the justice battles that were going on in Spokane. And because people were trying to get rid of her. They wanted to cut her effectiveness.”

Stebbins received a lot of media coverage, and his family was even featured in a sociology textbook. Unlike Dolezal, Stebbins didn’t step away from his local NAACP chapter. He’s been part of the Stockton group for more than 30 years.


Of the recent backlash against Dolezal, Stebbins says it includes people who say, “You’re not legitimately in this position so you shouldn’t be doing this.” He added, “In order to legitimately fight for justice, the thought train goes, ‘Then you have to legitimately be black. You can’t be white in fighting for justice.'”

Ironically, a recent article in the Inquisitr reported that Rachel Dolezal has previously admitted that she’s white, despite her recent claims that she has identified herself as being black since she was very young. According to TMZ, documents from a 2005 custody battle — when Dolezal was 27 years old — indicate that Rachel considered herself to be Caucasian.

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