Florida Woman Took Photos Of Dog Giving Her Oral Intercourse

Florida woman Ashley Miller has been arrested after authorities say she allowed a dog to perform oral intercourse on her. That's not the only detail in this case. The Dreamin' Demon reports that the Bradenton woman allegedly took numerous photos of herself with a dog performing the sex acts on her, and she even saved them in a folder for ease of access.

New York Daily News reports that the photos were discovered by authorities, who were looking through it in an unrelated investigation. They found two file directories; One titled 2-face fun and the other titled simply, Me. It was in those two directories that authorities found a treasure trove of photos that showed the woman's pit bull 2-face performing oral sex on her.

After some interrogation, the Florida woman admitted to letting her dog perform oral sex on her at least 30 or 40 times over the past five years -- with the majority of that time taking place before she was 18-years-old. She also admitted to allowing a previous dog do the same thing. However, she says that she never went any further than allowing the dogs to lick her vagina. Ashley Miller has been charged with two counts of sexual activities involving animals.

Miller isn't the first Florida woman to get caught engaging with animals, nor is she the first woman across the country to get caught in the act of bestiality in even the past couple of years. Just a couple of years ago, a young woman named Alyssa Rosales achieved internet notoriety after a video went viral showing her having intercourse with a dog. The Florida woman was also outed on social media as the user "Cannibal Cupcake" on various bestiality related websites. Florida's bestiality problem has been widely discussed, especially regarding attempts at legislation surrounding it.

It should be noted that Florida has only recently adopted anti-bestiality laws. In fact, in 2012 a legal expert pointed out that Florida's bestiality law has loopholes that actually permit certain sexual contact with animals -- and these are loopholes that may actually benefit 18-year-old Ashley Miller. The Huffington Post reports that the loophole may allow for oral-genital-contact with animals so long as no penetration is involved. Ashley Miller confessed to only receiving oral sex from her female dog. Furthermore, a medical exam did not show any injuries on the dog, which only backed up the Florida woman's story. Do you think this is something that will end in conviction, or not?

[Photo: FDLE Mugshot/Ashley Miller]