Rachel Dolezal Sex Tape: Claimed Ex-Husband Forced Her Into Homemade Video — He Denied Charge

Apparently, in a development that some may say seemed inevitable, a Rachel Dolezal sex tape exists. At least according to Rachel Dolezal, the 37-year-old former Spokane, Washington, NAACP president who was revealed last week as a white woman pretending to be black.

According to documents filed in 2005 by Dolezal in an Idaho court during her bitter divorce proceedings, as she attempted to deny then-husband Kevin Moore — a physical therapist whom Dolezal had married five year earlier — access to their son, Franklin.

The documents were dug out by the New York Daily News as well as by the Daily Mail newspaper, and they show not only that Dolezal — an artist, civil rights activist, and teacher who once offered a college course titled “The Black Woman’s Struggle” — accused Moore of various instances of sexual abuse and coercion, but that Moore denied the claims.

“We both know the things that you have said to other adults about me in the past, Moore wrote in a July 9, 2005 letter to Dolezal. “But please try to remember that the things that you have said are not actually true.”

According to the Mail account, Moore’s friends have described him as a religious man who was mortified by his wife’s “wild accusations.”

The court in the end found that Moore was a suitable father and granted him continued rights to see the boy. According to the media accounts, Moore was spotted dropping off the now-13-year-old Franklin at Dolezal’s home as recently as last weekend.

In the divorce papers, Dolezal alleged that she unwillingly took part in a “video tape made at the request of the defendant [Moore] which required the plaintiff to participate in sexual acts with the defendant on tape against the plaintiff’s desire.”

She also accused Moore of subjecting her to “pushing, hair pulling and forcible restraint.”


Dolezal’s brother, Joshua, published a book in which he also said that Moore was abusive to his sister. In the book, he claimed that Dolezal told him of Moore, “he wakes me at three in the morning by licking me. Sometimes he’s on top of me before I’m even awake.”

On Wednseday, Dolezal faced yet another new controversy when Spokane Mayor David Condon asked her to resign from the city’s volunteer police oversight commission, of which she is the chair, citing allegations of inappropriate conduct against her in her role on the commission, allegations that included the charge that Rachel Dolezal and two other commission members engaged in workplace harassment — and even revealed the names of citizens who had filed confidential complaints against police officers.

Rachel Dolezal, however, has made no comment yet on the sex tape revelations.

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