'Bachelor In Paradise' Couple Update: Are Michelle Money And Cody Sattler Together Again?

Stacy Carey

Last summer, Bachelor in Paradise viewers watched as Michelle Money and Cody Sattler fell in love. Their union was a somewhat unlikely one, but Michelle and Cody fell for one another very hard, very quickly. They left the show as a couple but split just a few months later. Now, they have fans wondering if they've decided to give their relationship another go.

After Season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise, Michelle Money and Cody Sattler gave their relationship a solid run, it seemed. Cody moved from Chicago to Utah almost immediately, and the two posted quite a bit about how in love they were. It didn't take long, though, for fans to wonder if something was up. By mid-December, just four months after their finale aired, Cody and Michelle confirmed they had split.

Recently, social media posts from Michelle, in particular, have piqued the curiosity of Bachelor in Paradise fans. Have Michelle and Cody gotten back together? Buzz seemingly first started about two months ago when Money posted a picture showing her with Sattler in Las Vegas.

Once June 12 hit, fans saw a lot of gushing on social media. It just so happens that this is the date the two met on Bachelor in Paradise last summer, and it seems that Cody sent Michelle a bouquet of flowers and a note about the anniversary of meeting the person he called the most beautiful girl ever. Michelle also posted a picture on Facebook of the first hug the two shared, and she added a sentimental note about how grateful she is for how Cody has changed her life.

All of these posts have definitely sparked fan chatter, especially given that Michelle is using the hashtag of "codelle" on her post, the nickname the couple had. She also included heart and rose emoticons in her anniversary post and teased that there is more to come. Even more reason for speculation, it seems, is that it appears that Cody is visiting Michelle in Utah right now.

So, are Michelle Money and Cody Sattler back together again? The Bachelor in Paradise stars aren't confirming they've rekindled their relationship, but they don't seem to be denying it, either. Michelle and Cody clearly are happy to hint about the possibility for now, but they don't seem to be hiding things either.

Some are wondering, though, if this is more about business promotion than romance. Sattler is working on his Csatt Fitness business, and he recently posted that Michelle is partnering with him on a new challenge. The fact that Michelle and Cody seem to be working together, to some degree, at least signals that the two have rebuilt a strong friendship and are happy to support one another. Has their partnership also turned into a romance again, as well?

For now, Bachelor in Paradise fans will have to stay tuned for more from Michelle Money and Cody Sattler. As for Season 2 of the show, the new cast is filming now and the new adventure premieres in August.

[Image via Michelle Money's Instagram]