Amber Portwood Claims Gary Shirley’s Girlfriend, Kristina, Is The ‘Fakest’ Person

Amber Portwood was released from prison in November, 2013, to discover her former boyfriend, Gary Shirley, the mother of her daughter, Leah, was seeing someone else — and not just that. Apparently, Shirley’s new woman was also caring for their daughter.

The reveal didn’t come as good news to Amber Portwood, who was under the impression she and Shirley would likely rekindle their romance upon her release, and in the months that followed, she and Shirley had a pretty tense relationship.

After beginning to film Teen Mom OG several months ago, Amber Portwood and Shirley seemingly got to a better place within their relationship, but when it came to Amber Portwood’s feelings about Shirley’s new lady, it wasn’t pretty.

On June 16, Wetpaint Entertainment revealed how Amber Portwood really felt about Kristina Anderson.

“She is one of the fakest people I’ve ever f***ing seen in my life. That just pissed me off. The way that her and Gary met, she was married [and] cheating on her husband. They got divorced because of her and Gary! I’m happy she was in Leah’s life when I was gone, but don’t step on my f***ing toes.”

Continuing on in an Unseen Moment of the show, Amber Portwood slammed Anderson, telling her, “That’s not your kid. Thank you for being there, honey, but that’s not your kid, that’s my kid.”

Prior to Amber Portwood’s rant, Anderson had told cameras, “I’ve been there for Leah, and I kind of felt pushed aside figuring I have been there for Leah her first days of Pre-School… I consider Leah my very own.”

As the Inquisitr reported just weeks ago, Amber Portwood didn’t seem so upset with Anderson at the reunion, which was likely filmed a short time after the Unseen Moments special. According to an Us Weekly report, Amber Portwood claimed Anderson was great with her young daughter.

After Dr. Drew Pinsky asked Amber Portwood why she initially didn’t like Anderson, she claimed it had a lot to do with her feelings for Shirley. Once she got over them, it didn’t take her very long to become more accepting of the role Anderson played in her daughter’s life, and would likely continue to play as time went on.

No word yet on whether or not Amber Portwood and the rest of the Teen Mom OG cast will return to MTV for a new season of their reality series.

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