Stepfather Admits To Raping Stepdaughters, Giving Them HIV While Mother Did Nothing

One stepfather’s shocking confession is making headlines all over the world. Not only will his stepdaughters suffer the long-term effects of sexual victimization, but they’ll also suffer from a debilitating illness that was caused by his blatant indiscretions.

Apparently, he was HIV-positive at the time he sexually assaulted both of his stepdaughters. Now, they are both infected, reports IB Times. The horrific sexual acts reportedly occurred when the girls were approximately 11 and 14 years of age. At that particular time, the father — who previously tested HIV-positive — was well aware of his condition when he raped both his stepdaughters.

Unfortunately, the older stepdaughter did not discover she’d been infected until she became pregnant with her boyfriend’s child. While receiving prenatal care, she tested positive for HIV through an antenatal blood test. During a recent interview with Mirror Online, she recounted how the horrific discovery turned her world upside down.

“When the midwife said I was HIV positive my world fell apart,” she said. “The abuse had stayed a secret for so long. In that moment, everything came back to punch me in the stomach. I felt disgusting, dirty and inhuman.”

Although she was diagnosed with HIV, she was fortunate enough to learn about the condition while it was still treatable. Her son was born HIV-negative as a result of the treatment she received during the pregnancy. But unfortunately, they soon learned her sister had suffered the same fate.

The older sister recounted when the horrific abuse started. Surprisingly, her mother was just steps away in the kitchen the first time her stepfather kissed her. However, that particular incident only marked the beginning of many troubling nights to come.

“I’d been in the bath one night a few weeks later and he knew I’d be getting ready for bed so he came into my room,” the woman recounts. “I tried to tell him to leave, but he forced me down onto the bed and ripped my towel away before raping me. I had no choice. I was terrified. After that, he made excuses for me to sleep in his bed with him every night and told mom to sleep with my little sister in case she had nightmares. He bought me a ring which he told me to wear like an engagement ring as if I was his fiancée, not his child.”

She also revealed she and her mother had different perspectives of the occurrences. Although the victimized girl repeatedly told her mother what was happening, she insisted the claims were all fabricated, reports Opposing Views. Needless to say, their mother’s denial has put a strain on their nearly non-existent relationship.


“She said I was making it up,” the victim said. “It felt like the biggest betrayal. I had plucked up the courage but she was choosing him over me.”

“I don’t have anything to do with my mum any more,” she added. “We don’t live far away from each other so we still see each other at family events but I can’t forgive her for not believing me. I have my partner’s mum now, who is more of a mother to me. My sister has been taken into care so she has foster parents now.”

The British stepfather, who now has full-blown AIDS, is awaiting sentencing for multiple charges of rape of a child under 13, sexual assault, and attempted rape. He is also facing charges for infecting his stepdaughters with HIV. However, the crime isn’t harshly punished in the United Kingdom; he could actually receive a relatively light sentence for that particular charge. However, according to Busted Locals, the judge has told the stepfather to “expect an indeterminate sentence.”

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]