Teen Recalls Shark ‘Biting Up My Arm’ In North Carolina Attack [Video]

Last Sunday, 16-year-old Hunter Treschl lost part of his arm to a vicious shark attack in North Carolina, now he’s telling exactly how it happened. With a calm demeanor, Treschl explained that in the end he will “fight and live a normal life.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, North Carolina was hit with two frightening shark attacks last Sunday. One of the victims, Treschl, is now healthy enough to speak out about the experience.

In an incredibly calm tone, the teenager said, “Then I felt it… one more time and it kind of hit my arm and that was the first I saw it when it was biting up my left arm kind of… Then it got that off.”

One of the more shocking details of Treschl’s story is that the teenager was only in waist-high water when the attack hit.

Despite the image of sharks going after surfers or the kids who swam out too far, shark attacks can happen in less than three feet of water. In another story covered by the Inquisitr, a shark severely bit the leg of a 10-year-old in Cocoa Beach, Florida, while he was wading in the ocean with his mother.

Another alarming part of Treschl’s experience was that his only warning was a bump on his leg. The teenager was not able to see the shark until it was too late and already “biting up his arm.”

Shark’s “bumping” their victim before attacking is one of the common forms of attack, according to Business Insider, and unlike other forms, it’s usually intentional.

Despite the loss of one of his arms, Hunter Treschl insists that he’s going to try and live a normal life.

“I’ve lost my arm obviously, so I have two options: I can try to live my life the way I was and make an effort to do that even though I don’t have an arm, or I can just let this be completely debilitating and bring my life down and ruin it.”

There is good news for the other shark attack victim from Sunday, 12-year-old Kriesten Yow. According to the Daily Mail, her parents released a statement saying the she’s now in stable condition at North Carolina Children’s Hospital at UNC.

“She has a long road to recovery that will include surgeries and rehabilitation, but her doctors at UNC expect she will keep her leg, and for that we are grateful.”

Yow’s aunt expects the medical bills from her niece’s shark attack will be huge and has started a GoFundMe page to try and raise money for the future expense.

[Image Credit: YouTube]