Mega Millions Winners: Three Maryland Public School Workers Claim $105 Million Prize

Three Maryland school workers are now $35 million richer. The Mega Millions winners, who have chosen to remain anonymous, will split a $105 million prize for about $35 million each.

The winners, who have chosen to remain anonymous, redeemed their ticket on Monday. The winning ticket was worth a third of the record $656 million prize.

The winning ticket in Maryland has been a hot topic in the news lately due to the false claims of Mirlande Wilson. The McDonald’s worker claimed that she had, and then lost, the winning ticket.

The winner in Kansas has also come forward but has chosen to be anonymous. The third winning ticket, which was sold in a small town in Illinois, has not come forward yet.

Maryland lottery director Stephen Martino wasn’t able to say much about the lottery winners, but he did give a few details. The winners, two women and a man, work together in the state’s school system. Martino also said that all three of the winners work second jobs to make ends meet.

Martino said:

“If it can’t be you, these people are precisely the people you would want to see win.”


Martino also revealed that one woman is in her 20s, one is in her 50s, and the man is in his 40s. The three winners work as a special education teacher, and an elementary school teacher, and a school administrator.

MSNBC reports that the three people bought twenty tickets individually and then pooled them all together. The young woman was in charge of checking the tickets. After realizing that she had won, she phoned the other two who came over to sign, make copies, and find a safe place for the tickets.

So now for the all important “what will they do with the money” question.

Preliminary plans include a backpacking trip across in Europe, a tour of Italy’s wine country, and one will use the money to pay for their children’s college education. All three also said that they will be buying new homes and investing some of the money.