David Hasselhoff And Girlfriend Show Off With A PDA After Actor's TMI Reveal

Regina Avalos

David Hasselhoff and his girlfriend are loving life and each other. Hasselhoff is returning to television this week with a new series on British TV, and he has been out promoting the new series with a number of interviews.

However, a store launch put Hasselhoff in the mood for a kiss. According to Daily Mail, Hasselhoff and his girlfriend, Hayley Roberts, were outside Tresor Paris when he decided to stop for a moment to kiss her. The news outlet reported that "the actor posed with one arm protectively around his girlfriend, before placing his hands on either side of her face and pulling her towards him for a very public display of affection."

Hasselhoff and Roberts began dating in 2011. The 33-year-old woman approached the actor for a photograph while he was in England filming Britain's Got Talent. After that night, they began to date, and Roberts has even left her home in England and moved to Beverly Hills to live with Hasselhoff.

Things are going well for the pair. In fact, David Hasselhoff shared a bit about their love life. The bedroom reveal might be considered TMI for some. In an interview with the Daily Mirror, the actor shared the intimate details.

"Do I take Viagra? No, I really don't need to. I take a lot of amino acids and the funny thing about aminos is that if you take the right amount it gets your blood flowing – the same as Viagra. But that's one problem I don't have – if anything, I am trying to find an anti-Viagra pill because my girlfriend keeps saying, 'Why is it that you want it every day?' And I'm like, 'Because I find it takes the edge off things.' "
"I don't know. That's the question everyone asks me. That and babies. Right now I've got so much happening, we're taking things a day at a time. We're happy where we're at and we'll see what happens."
"I have a great relationship with my daughters but there came a time when I said, 'Woah, you can't do that.' How do you deal with your daughter when the drug you know she is taking could kill her? I got so scared when my daughter came home and I found something in her purse. I freaked out, and it made me feel like a failure as a father – but I wasn't. I needed to tell my daughters the truth. I told them that back in the 80s and 90s we would joke that drugs weren't addictive. It was fun – but nobody knew then that it would tear up your career, tear up your life, and cause havoc. But it is part of growing up, and minu­scule compared to what the show's about."

According to the Telegraph, the actor spoke about his now booming career with Metro.

"I can't explain it [what's changed]. All I can say is it's down to hard work. It's like playing tennis - look at Andy Murray, why did he suddenly win Wimbledon? Because he's practiced and was in the zone and it happened to be his time -- that's what's happening with me. I'm playing with the big boys again for a change and we'll see what happens. If it lasts it lasts, if it doesn't I'll continue to work -- I've got a great relationship with my fans."

What do you think of David Hasselhoff's TMI revelation about his girlfriend?

[Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie / Getty Images]