Selena Gomez Sets The Record Straight About Justin Bieber And Rehab Rumors

Since Selena Gomez shared that she has so many “secrets” that she wants to share with her fans, she’s been setting the record straight when it comes to the rumors that constantly hound her. The former Disney singer is letting everyone know what’s really going on with her when it comes to her constant partying and her on-again, off-again relationship with Justin Bieber.

So is Selena Gomez really over the Biebs? The constant rumors and tabloid reports haven’t stopped “Jelena” fans from holding out hope that Gomez and Bieber will reunite once again in the near future. They will just have to hold onto their daydreams and their fanfiction stories.

According to several new reports, Selena is totally over Justin. She’s more focused on her work rather than her relationships.

“Selena is doing incredibly well right now. She’s super focused on her career and working hard every single day to take steps forward. She’s been traveling non-stop, but it’s okay because she is surrounded by good friends who she working closely with. She has a little support group of friends and coworkers surrounding her, keeping her safe and on track.”

Good for her! Selena has been sharing countless photos of her travels with her girlfriends. She also recently made headlines for stepping out for lunch with BFF Taylor Swift. It’s been a while since fans seen the two together. Selena’s friendships had made her forget about what’s-his-name.

“There is rarely a mention of Justin in her life these days. He will always be part of her, but right now she’s so focused on herself, she doesn’t have time to dwell on the past.”

Gomez is working on her new album, which is rumored to be inspired by her relationship with Justin Bieber. According to the insider, the entertainer is taking some song cues from none other than Swift.

“Selena’s written a lot more songs based on her personal experiences and heartbreaks. It was Taylor that she drew inspiration from in that sense, who told her that’s something she should really focus on because it’s what people, especially young female fans, can relate to. Selena has written about elements of her relationship with Justin [Bieber] on the new album.”

As for all reports that talk about Gomez’s non-stop partying lately? It’s “nonsense,” according to a Hollywood Life report. Several reports in recent months have claimed that Gomez is abusing alcohol and is entering into rehab soon. An inside source told the celebrity gossip site that Gomez “is focused on work” rather than partying.

“[Selena’s] friends are all very hardworking positive people, so she is surrounded by good influences. The reports of her partying out of control are total nonsense. She may have a drink or two with her friends after a hard day of work in the studio, but it’s all very moderate and in control. She looks and feels great. Everyone is really happy for her and excited about her new music.”

Gomez has been surrounding herself with a solid support group, as seen on her Instagram. It also looks like Swift is rubbing off on Gomez, too. What are your thoughts on the rumors about Selena Gomez’s partying and relationship with Justin Bieber? Do you think it’s all untrue? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Christopher Polk / Getty Images for Sony Pictures Entertainment]