Taylor Swift Dresses Unlike Herself, Wears A Harness And Shows Her Belly Button

Taylor Swift has been dressing so unlike herself lately. It has fans wondering if the 25-year-old singer is feeling all right. Taylor made headlines not just for stepping out for lunch with BFF Selena Gomez, but also for her odd fashion choice.

Swift wore a leather harness over a black sleeveless T-Shirt that displayed the words “This Is My Fight Song” with a pair of olive green shorts. She pulled her odd outfit choice together with a brown leather Louis Vuitton handbag that was encrusted in gold studs and brown ankle boots. Swift took to Tumblr, as always, to defend her unusual fashion accessory.

“I think you’re ignoring a really important point here … That my harness and I are always ready for a zip line/rock climbing. As yourself … Are you ready for extreme adventure should it present itself? HARNESS LIFE 2015.”

Swift obviously wasn’t embarking on any adventures. Unless you call going to lunch with your BFF an exciting adventure. Selena Gomez kept it cool and casual with a blue denim shirt tired at the waist and white leggings that hugged every bit of her curves. Gomez completed her look with blue sunglasses and black slip-on sneakers.


Obviously, no extreme zip lining or rock climbing occurred during their lunch date. An insider told Entertainment Tonight that Swift and Gomez ate at the Lucques restaurant for an hour and a half before leaving the exit door with their bodyguards.

Now it looks like Taylor is making headlines for showing her belly button. There’s a rare photo of the singer flashing her navel that resurfaced on Reddit on June 14. Taylor’s fans took the opportunity to create some hilarious meme out of the photo.taylor-swift-belly-button

Swift is notorious for coving up her navel area, even when she’s wearing her signature crop tops and miniskirts. It had some fans wondering if Swift has a belly button at all! Swift previously said she wants to keep her navel a mystery, but she has shown it off in a bikini before. She even shared the bikini-clad photo on Instagram as a way to get revenge on the paparazzi who were taking photos of her private Hawaiian vacation.

“My security gets out binoculars and sees [the paparazzi on the boat] have a huge long-lens camera. At which point, we go back to the beach and we realize, ‘Okay, so they got pictures of us in our bikinis, like, I don’t want them to make, like, $100,000 for stalking us!'”

Taylor poked fun at herself during a meet-and-greet with a fan. She pulled down her shorts to reveal her belly button. Taylor’s crafty fans on reddit used Photoshop to replace Taylor’s button with animated characters and objects. Check out some of the hilarious animated GIFs below.

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What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift’s leather harness? Would you wear such an accessory, even if you’re not embarking on some sort of adventure? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Images: Christopher Polk / Getty Images for TAS and Glamour Magazine]