Jennifer Lawrence Will Make $8 Million More Than Chris Pratt On ‘Passengers’

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are going to hit it big for their upcoming project together, but J-Law is going to hit it at least $8 million bigger, thanks to some savvy negotiations.

As People reports, Jennifer Lawrence, fresh from the success of the Hunger Games series, has gained enough clout in Hollywood that she can demand bigger contracts. And when her name got attached to Passengers — a big-budget, sci-fi drama romance that’s been “in development” for who-knows-how-long — she went big. asking for $20 million, plus 30 percent of the movie’s profits after the break-even point. That means that even if the movie bombs, Lawrence gets $20 million just for showing up to work.

Chris Pratt, meanwhile, is “only” getting $12 million. Fresh off of his successes in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World — which, by the way, had an opening weekend that broke all kinds of box office records — Pratt used his considerable star power to negotiate his payday from $10 million up to $12 million, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

That means that, in a worst-case scenario (Passengers tanks at the box office), Jennifer Lawrence still gets at least $8 million more than Chris Pratt. Lawrence could wind up making millions — or even tens of millions — more than Pratt.

The Lawrence and Pratt deals come amid some behind-the-scenes drama at Sony, which has the rights to Passengers. New Sony Pictures boss Tom Rothman, known for his penny-pinching ways (he famously slashed $15 million from the budget of the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot), could have done any number of things with the project, including scrapping it altogether. That he signed Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt — two of the biggest names in Hollywood — to multimillion dollar deals for the project is a testament to his faith in the movie’s stars, says Hollywood Reporter writer Kim Masters.

“Whatever the famously fiscally prudent Rothman’s misgivings might have been about paying such big bucks to talent or risking $150 million ($120 million with production incentives) on an original script that has floated around Hollywood for years, he now finds himself in possession of a two-hander star vehicle with the most in-demand male and female actors in the business.”

As of this post, it is not clear when Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt will begin working on Passengers.

[Image courtesy of: Getty Images / Anthony Harvey]