Andi Dorfman Defends Seeing Nick Viall Post ‘Bachelorette’: ‘It’s A Very Confusing Situation’

Andi Dorfman is out of the Bachelorette spotlight, as she has broken up with Josh Murray, has moved to New York, and has been hanging out with her friends. Even though Murray was thrilled about the possibility of getting married with Andi, it didn’t work out. Nick Viall made it known that he had hooked up with Andi during their Fantasy Suite date, and him calling her out didn’t sit well with viewers.

However, Andi Dorfman was spotted with him after she became single again, and many felt that he was just out for fame. Why would he be going back to Dorfman after being dumped on national television? So when he showed up to compete for Kaitlyn Bristowe’s heart, many felt that he was just chasing the spotlight.

According to a new tweet, Andi Dorfman is now revealing that she did see Nick Viall after she broke things off with Josh Murray, and she is defending her own decision to see him. Plus, she appears to be very supportive when it comes to Kaitlyn Bristowe adding him to the group of guys to see if there is, indeed, a connection with him. When it comes to Dorfman, she feels that The Bachelorette journey is one that many people don’t understand.

“Why would disgrace women across the world by allowing Nick Viall back and Andi Dorfman too,” one Twitter follower wrote, which had Andi replying, “Not nice. It’s a very emotional and confusing situation to be in which only Kaitlyn Bristowe knows. Give her a break.”

There were many rumors that Dorfman and Nick had been hanging out in Chicago after she split from Josh Murray. Murray was heartbroken over their split, and he headed away with his mother to grieve the split. Andi, on the other hand, was spotted with Nick in Chicago. She never spoke out about this meet-up, but on The Bachelorette this week, Viall revealed that he had indeed seen Andi after he was dumped by her on national television.

Clearly, things didn’t work out between Dorfman and Viall. She may have realized that she made the right choice when she was filming The Bachelorette. And maybe things are bad between them now because Andi Dorfman called out Nick for acting, according to the Inquisitr. But Dorfman may be moving up in the dating world. She was recently rumored to be spending the weekend with country star Sam Hunt.

What do you think of Andi Dorfman defending Kaitlyn, calling The Bachelorette a confusing situation?

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