Orange County’s Meghan King Edmonds Discusses Brooks Ayers’ Cancer — Again

Orange County reality star Meghan King Edmonds isn’t sold on Brooks Ayers’ cancer diagnosis. Although the boyfriend of Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson claims to have been suffering from Stage 3 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma since the fall of 2013, Edmonds isn’t convinced, and further doubted Ayers’ diagnosis after Monday’s new episode.

On June 17, Edmonds took to her Real Housewives of Orange County blog, explaining her thoughts on Ayers’ behavior during the second episode of the 10th season.

“I’m a little green with envy that Vicki and Brooks can jet off to her place in Mexico… However, I was a bit shocked to learn that Brooks is in the midst of his chemo and is going to Mexico. Some kind of physical strength he must have to be able to do that. Maybe it’s from all his holistic juicing and vitamin ‘cancer cures.’ “

Like Edmonds, most would assume a cancer-stricken Ayers would not be able to leave town and travel abroad. Just last month, Kim Richards’ ex-husband, Monty Brinson, missed the wedding of his daughter, Brooke Brinson, after being advised by doctors not to travel to Mexico. Because cancer is an unpredictable disease, it is typically important for sufferers to stay close to home, where they can receive help if needed.

“If I was about to do my third chemo treatment (so I would already have been suffering the effects from the first two chemo treatments since the chemo-poison was already inside of me and working) I would not respond to Tamra by saying what I am ingesting, rather I would respond by at least saying ‘I am in the middle of treatment.’ What cancer patient responds to a ‘How are you’ question by solely offering the food they are eating and the liquids they are drinking?”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Orange County star’s doubts in Ayers’ diagnosis don’t come out of nowhere. Edmonds has seen firsthand what cancer does to the body, as her ex-husband’s second wife, the mother of her step-daughter, Hayley, has been battling the disease for years.

“Hayley, who you’ll see a lot of on the show, moved into our house because her mother’s sick and undergoing chemotherapy,” the Orange County reality star told OK! Magazine earlier this month, via a report by Real Mr. Housewife on Monday. “I haven’t talked to Vicki or Brooks since filming ended, but I’m dealing with a woman in my life who’s dying of cancer, and I know it isn’t anything to mess around with.”

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