Georgia Father Jumps On Moving SUV To Save 8-Year-Old Son In A Carjacking [Video]

When faced with a carjacking, a Georgia father instinctively reacted by jumping onto a moving SUV in an attempt to rescue his 8-year-old son, who was still in the backseat.

The incident happened on Sunday when Malcolm Milliones was at a Murphy USA gas station on Old National Highway in Georgia with his fiancée and his son, Rashaan.

Milliones said his fiancée had stepped inside the store to pay for the gas, and as he was about to fill up the car, a young man jumped through the SUV’s passenger window and drove off with his son still sitting in the backseat.

“I was just taking the gas cap off while she was going in to pay for it,” said Milliones.

A nearby surveillance camera captured the shocking episode, which showed Malcolm holding on to the SUV whilst the thief attempted a speedy getaway.

“I was shrieking, I hate to admit it, but … I’ve never been scared before until now. I never really felt fear until now, honestly.”

“I didn’t care how I did it, I didn’t care if I had to break my hand or use my elbow to get into [the car].”

Milliones was dragged for about a quarter of a mile as he held on to the side of the SUV and banged on the window. He eventually fell and broke his arm, but he’d successfully distracted the carjacker long enough for his son to jump out of the then-slowed vehicle.


Proud of his father’s heroics, Rashaan, who escaped unharmed, gushed – “I would say it’s cool and brave for my dad to jump on a car and get his arm broken for me.”

Fulton County Police are still looking for the stolen SUV, which is a silver 2014 Kia Sorento. And the carjacker and his accomplice are still at large.

[Image via ABC News]