Rachel Dolezal Explains Hair: Dolezal Admits She Has A Weave, Says She Does It Herself

Rachel Dolezal explains her hair in a new interview, saying that she does her braids and her weave herself. According to the SpreadIt, the former Spokane NAACP president has been in the news over the past several days because she identifies as an African American, though she is Caucasian. People say they have noticed that Dolezal wears her hair in braids, sports an Afro at times, and has even had a weave or two, and wonder why she does it. Dolezal explains that’s just the way she likes styling her hair. And she’s not the least bit ashamed of it.

Dolezal was asked about her hair during the interview, and this was her response.

“Well, because you are you, and I’m here, I’ll tell you, but like I said, if I were in a grocery store or anywhere else, I would be like … it’s none of your business. This right here? … This is a weave. I do it myself. I do dreads, I do braids — not just my hair. I’ve just been doing this because it’s, uh, I haven’t had time recently to change, for a few months. Usually in the summer I go back to my locks.”

Rachel Dolezal explains that her hair is just part of who she is, and how she identifies herself: “As black.” According to Fox 8, social media has been blowing up with questions about Dolezal’s ‘do because it has noticeably changed over the years. In pictures of her as a child, she had long, straight blonde hair. This has left several people wondering why her hair is now dark, short, and very curly… and now they know (for sure) that this is something that Dolezal does intentionally. It’s just how she feels like herself.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Rachel Dolezal says that race is not a “simple concept.” She says that she has always identified herself as a black woman, and that she has spent the past several years changing her appearance to reflect that. Although her parents are both Caucasian, and she has a birth certificate that says those are her biological parents, she says that she isn’t entirely convinced. Of course, a simply DNA test would tell her for sure, but that is something she has not done yet.

Do you think a DNA test is something that Dolezal needs to do? Do you think people need to just leave this woman alone? Or are you offended by who she says she is?

[Photo via YouTube]