Southern Baptist Convention: Ronnie Floyd Urges Christians To ‘Follow God Instead Of The Government’

The controversy over gay marriage was a hot topic at the Southern Baptist Convention, and President Ronnie Floyd is giving everything that he has to make sure that people know just who is in charge of the definition of marriage. He says that God’s word is the final authority, and that he will not be bowing down to the government or the culture that says that same-sex marriage is okay. He encourages other Christians to do the same.

Fox News reported that thousands of Christian delegates were gathered in Columbus, Ohio, for the two-day Southern Baptist meeting, where Floyd encouraged other pastors to stand firm and to not let go of God’s biblical definition of marriage. He made quite a strong declaration as he stood up for his beliefs. He made it crystal clear that he will fight the U.S. Supreme Court’s upcoming ruling on same-sex marriage.

“I declare to everyone today, as a minister of the gospel, I will not officiate over any same-sex unions or same-sex marriage ceremonies… I completely refuse.”

While his speech was met with what some would call a “heavenly applause,” many outsiders view this as being judgmental, and has already got much hatred on social media. The Southern Baptists are a strong group of believers in what the Bible says, but they also say that they love and respect all people. However, this declaration will for sure stir up controversy among those who disagree.

The Southern Baptist Convention goers are not the only ones who are worried about this issue. Many others are fighting to be able to stand by their beliefs without the government interfering. They conclude that they should be able to stand up and speak out on what they believe in without the fear of being shamed or even being put out of business.

If you have been following the Duggar family controversy, you know that the Josh Duggar molestation story has been front and center in the news recently. In the interview with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar on Fox News, they brought up the fact that they think that their anti-gay views may have been the reason why Josh’s past has been revealed. The 19 Kids and Counting stars have many haters right now, but was the reason for the outed police reports on the molestation because of the fact that this family believes in the Bible?


Ronnie Floyd just happens to be the Duggar family’s pastor at the Pinnacle Cross Church in Arkansas. The Inquisitr reported on what he said about the controversy surrounding the reality TV family. He said that God can forgive anything, even Josh Duggar, who admitted to touching five girls inappropriately 12 years ago.

The Southern Baptist Convention has now adopted their own resolution that clearly opposes gay marriage under any circumstances, as reported by the Washington Post. This adheres to the teachings that they follow. It seems to be a God vs. the government match that Ronnie Floyd has chosen to fight, as well as others who choose to speak out on the same-sex marriage issue.

What do you think about this Baptist preacher who refuses to bow down to the government?

[Image source: Google Images / Baptist Press]