Mindy Kaling Talks 'The Mindy Project': What's In Store For Season 4?

Mindy Kaling's The Mindy Project, picked up by Hulu after Fox chose not to renew the comedy series, is coming soon!

Not only did Hulu order another season of The Mindy Project, they also increased the order to 23 episodes for the season. Mindy, the show's creator and executive producer, promised that the heart of the show will not change, even though there are major changes going on as far as the production of the show goes, Cross Map reports.

"It's so exciting because I've had a relationship with Hulu for a while," Kaling told the Hollywood Reporter. "Most people I know have been watching the show on Hulu to begin with so it's been great, they've been so supportive... Honestly it'll be nice to be at a place where we don't have the same concerns that we always had for so many years and it's just good to be at a place that really wants you," she added. "So, I love all those feelings, I'm feeling really good about it."

The upcoming season will see Mindy and Danny (Chris Messina) welcome their first child, and fans are wondering if that will change the focus of the series. However, Mindy said she isn't concerned.

"We have some fun big moves coming up in the series. I think that a lot of people have expressed worries of like, 'Oh no, are episodes just going to be Mindy and Danny heating up a baby bottle? That's not interesting at all,' " she said. "I know a lot of interesting people who have children, and I think that is just the way that we choose to tell their stories based on how interesting and dynamic these characters are."

"It's similar to last season where, OK, we have Mindy and Danny together and she's not going to date anymore and what do we do? And we figured it out," executive producer Charlie Grandy said. "You lean into those stories of, OK, now they're a couple but they're so different."

Season 4 will be picking up right where Season 3 left off. Producer David Stassen said Season 4 "will be a mix of right after and a time jump."

He also added that fans will finally get to meet the parents. "The mom and dad are very different from each other," said Stassen. "The dad is maybe a little more like Danny and the mom is a little more aspirational."

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[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images]