Blond Bombshell Anna Nystrom Looks Stunning In A Short & Shimmery Christmas Dress

Blond bombshell Anna Nystrom looks spectacular on Christmas Eve. She shared a photo of herself modeling a short and shimmery gold dress just hours ago and wished her many followers a Merry Christmas.

Anna's 8.5 million followers were treated to not just one shot of Anna in her dress, but two. The two different poses were spliced together into one concise photograph.

The left half of the image shows Anna smiling and looking off to the side. The second one shows the gorgeous blonde looking sultry and serene while glancing directly at the camera lens. A Christmas tree stands behind her decorated with large red ornaments and a red ribbon tree topper.

Anna doesn't specify where her dress came from, but it does a fantastic job of accentuating her curves. The photo is modest by Anna's standards; she often shows more skin in her images, but it's tasteful and classically beautiful, fitting for the Christmas spirit. Her admirers were still treated to a glimpse of her slender legs and the curve of her perky behind.

One of the most stunning attributes of Anna's latest Instagram update is her hair. Anna is known for her voluminous ash-blond locks. In these two images, her hair is curled into glamorous ringlet curls and pinned in the back so the majority can hang down between her shoulder blades. Anna was careful to leave several thick tendrils down to frame her face perfectly.

While it doesn't appear that Anna is wearing much in the way of accessories. She is wearing a deep red lipstick that adds the perfect pop of color to her angelic facial features. She is also evidently wearing foundation, bronzer, and mascara. Anna painted her fingernails dark red to match the color palette.

Anna's millions of followers wasted no time in showering the captivating beauty in heaps of praise. Her photo already has more than 106,000 likes and well over 1,000 comments.

Fellow models Julia Baessler and Antonia Elena both commented on Anna's photo to wish her a Merry Christmas in response to her caption.

"So elegant and so very beautiful," commented an admirer.

"[M]erry Xmas my dear Anna I send you my best wishes, hugs & kisses," wrote a second person.

"Oh my god you are the most beautiful women I have evere seen [sic]," added a third fan.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Anna had shared a photo of herself in a barely-there bodysuit. Her curves were showcased far more explicitly in the older image.