Jeb Bush And Jimmy Fallon Slow Jam Bush’s Campaign Strategy [Video]

Jimmy Fallon had one of the most surprising guests during his Slow Jam The News segment — Jeb Bush. For those not familiar, Jimmy Fallon is usually joined by his band to sing the news in an old school R&B style. Think 90s singer Ginuwine trying to sing today’s latest headlines.

To the surprise of many, Jeb Bush joined Jimmy Fallon to Slow Jam the News, just one day after announcing in Miami that he was running for the Republican nomination for President. Instead of slow jamming the news, Jeb Bush and Jimmy Fallon decided to highlight some of former Governor Bush’s campaign strategies and his list of accomplishments as Governor from 1999 to 2007.

During the slow jam with Jeb Bush, Jimmy Fallon was full of sexual innuendos. Fallon joked, “The Governor thought long and hard about joining the GOP race. After months of being a total caucus tease, Jeb finally made up his mind and quit beating around the bush.”

Jeb Bush, who could hardly contain his laughter during the segment, tried to keep his composure to list his accomplishments.

“In my two terms as governor, I cut taxes every year, passed the first statewide school choice system, and created 1.3 million new jobs, the most in the country. So I know we can fix the problems facing our nation because I’ve already done it in our eight years in Florida.”

Jimmy continued, “He got lots of experience down south. He came from Texas where everything is bigger. He turned Florida from a limp peninsula into a virile member of the U.S. economy.”

Immigration was also a topic that came up during the slow jam segment. Bush’s response earned applause when he said in both English and Spanish, “We’re a nation of immigrants. And I believe everyone should have the chance to achieve the American dream.”

Jeb Bush’s nickname during the slow jam the news? The white LeBron.

Here’s some reactions to Jimmy Fallon slow jamming the news with Jeb Bush.

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