#AmazonFail Resources: what you can do

Even as most of the United States heads to bed (at the time this post goes up), the #AmazonFail movement continues to push forward, with a constant and heavy stream on Twitter and across the web.

From a marketing/ PR/ social media viewpoint, the speed of #AmazonFail has been staggering, and if you're in one of those industries, it's worth following.

It's hard to keep up with everything going on around #AmazonFail, but we'll give it a shot. If you have a #AmazonFail resource or site you'd like added to the list, please leave a comment below.

#AmazonFail on Twitter

Follow #AmazonFail here. Also add #AmazonFail to any tweets you make on the subject.Some users are also adding #glitchmyass as a protest against Amazon's "glitch" defense.

#AmazonFail petitions

PetitionSite: seems to be the biggest petition at the time of writing with 8,000 people

#AmazonFail logos

Cheryl Morgan

There's also a simpler one that has appear on Facebook: direct link. Not sure where it originated.

#AmazonFail Facebook groups

AmazonFail Group, interested in letting Amazon know that people are against the move.

There's a range of other Amazon groups here.

#AmazonFail General Resources

List of banned books

Contact details for Amazon (fax, email, snail mail) and a template letter you can use here.

Calling Amazon's 1800 number costs them money.

An attempt to hijack the term "Amazon Rank" in Google.

If there are any sites that should be on the list, leave a comment.

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