Dad Shoots Dog To Save Daughter, Ends Up Facing Charges

Jean Mendoza

Phoenix father Chris Ford is facing charges for shooting a dog. At first glance, anyone might agree that he deserves to be put in jail for killing a dog, but this story is more complicated than that.

On Saturday, Chris' 4-year-old daughter, Zaynah, was in their backyard, happily playing with their family dog, a pit bull named Toben. Then, Chris heard a scream coming from the yard. When Ford went outside to check what was going on, he saw that Toben was attacking his daughter and biting her head.

According to ABC, Chris said that he wrestled the dog and threw their family pet to the ground. He then brought Zaynah inside their home. However, it didn't stop there. Chris got a rifle and went back to the backyard. That's when the dog cowered into his kennel. Chris put the tip of his rifle against the kennel and shot into the cage four times, killing Toben.

"My baby is bleeding, I can't even see her face, I don't know where all the blood is coming from. I just see a big hole in her head… I pulled him off my daughter; I threw him, as soon as I threw him I grabbed my daughter and ran inside.

"I shot down; I shot my own dog four times because he attacked my daughter."

"I shot down; I shot my own dog four times because he attacked my daughter."

Fox Phoenix reports that even though Chris shot his own dog, he feels bad for doing it as the dog has been part of his family. He says that he never thought of Toben as being aggressive. According to him, Toben and Zaynah always spend time together, so it was surprising to see the dog violently attacking his daughter.

He still stands by what he did, as he reasons that the dog was going to be put to sleep by animal control anyway.

"No matter who shows up the ending result is still gonna be this. A dog attacks a child, you think he's gonna live?"

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[Image via ABC Video]