E3 Brings Biggest Mobile Game Titles Such As ‘Fallout Shelter,’ ‘Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key,’ ‘Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes,’ And ‘The Elder Scrolls Legends’

E3 Brings The Ultimate Mobile Games Experience

With E3 press events coming to a close, we have already, more or less, collected all the juicy bits from the conference. E3 2015 has raised the bar for console gaming, yet again, but it is interesting to note that E3 2015 is also pushing virtual reality gaming and mobile gaming to a whole new level. With the rising popularity of smartphones and phablets, gaming companies see mobile gaming become more and more accessible and plausible, reaching not only the niche community of gamers but a wider market of people as well.

Mobile titles were announced at the E3 this week and some were met with more enthusiasm than others. But for mobile gamers, here are the top mobile games announced at the E3 that you should get now or look forward to.

Probably one of the biggest titles to hit mobiles from the E3 this season is mobile app Fallout Shelter. A supplement to the immensely anticipated title by Bethesda, Fallout 4, Fallout Shelter will enable users to create and protect their own vault or shelter. The people inside the vault will be completely customizable, could perform a variety of activities, and could even reproduce. Featuring the 2D animation of Pip-boy characters from the Fallout franchise, Fallout Shelter is a complex yet simple to play game that will hook millions of people, Fallout fans or not.

As of writing, Fallout Shelter is already available for iOS users at the iTunes store for free. Bethesda has announced that Fallout Shelter will also come to Android, but Android users will have to wait for a while for the said release.

Electronic Arts also bounces back this season with their surprise announcement at the E3, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. A card-based role playing game that will bring in a wide array of characters from the Star Wars canon, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes could possibly be a huge success in the mobile gaming industry since it taps two obsessive markets: the Star Wars fans and the card-trading game addicts.

With the success of collectible card game mobile app like Hearthstone, it is not all too impossible for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes to dominate the mobile gaming market. EA has officially announced at the E3 that Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes will come to the App Store and Google Play later this year, but no concrete release date was set.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes coming to mobiles soon

Also banking on the success of collectible card games in the mobile platform is Bethesda with their The Elder Scrolls Legends coming to mobile devices and PC. Compared with their extensive release of Fallout Shelter, it seems Bethesda has held back a bit with The Elder Scrolls Legends. What we know about The Elder Scrolls Legends is that it will be a strategy card game that will be free to play for iOS, Android, and PC users. No release date was also announced for The Elder Scrolls Legends.

News of the Final Fantasy VII remake already made quite a noise after Sony’s presentation at the E3 this week, but Square Enix has more tricks hidden in its sleeve. At the Square Enix E3 conference, they revealed that a new Kingdom Hearts game will arrive, now on the mobile platform. Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key is a mobile game that is closely connected to Square Enix’ main Kingdom Hearts title, Kingdom Hearts 3 for consoles. Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key will be featuring 3D graphics in a hack-and-slash action role playing game that will surely capture both long-time fans of the Kingdom Hearts franchise and starting gamers into the franchise. Just like in the old Kingdom Hearts games, the newest mobile game will witness a variety of Disney characters like Goofy, Daffy Duck, and Aladdin.

To date, Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key is set to release in Japan this year, with no release date yet for the Western market. Everyone is excited and at the edge of their seats for the announcement of the Western release but as of now, we can just cross our fingers and wait.

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