’19 Kids And Counting’: Is Josiah Duggar Still Courting Marjorie Jackson?

Josiah Duggar is the last 19 Kids and Counting star to score a social media update, courtesy of his parents.

Fans of 19 Kids and Counting might remember that 18-year-old Josiah Duggar announced that he was courting 17-year-old Marjorie Jackson earlier this year. The teens began their courtship before the Josh Duggar molestation scandal rocked Josiah’s family, so fans are likely wondering whether Marjorie decided to ditch Josiah to avoid being tied to his controversial clan.

Josiah Duggar’s last Instagram post about his girlfriend was a whopping five weeks ago, so things weren’t looking good for the young lovebirds. However, Josiah’s parents want the world to know that their son is still in a relationship with Marjorie Jackson. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recently shared a Facebook photo of the couple posing in what appears to be a confessional, and they revealed that Josiah and Marjorie are still having a great time together.

“Too cute. These two are doing so well in their courtship,” the Duggars captioned the photo below. “It is a fun and wonderful time for them. We love watching God unfold life as they seek Him during this special time. These two make us smile!”

Josiah Duggar And Marjorie Jackson Still Courting

Josiah Duggar’s courtship was likely going to be one of the major plots of the next season of 19 Kids and Counting, so maybe it’s a positive sign for the future of the show that the Duggars are using Facebook to promote his relationship with Marjorie Jackson. There’s still been no word on whether TLC is going to cancel 19 Kids, but the Duggar family is trying to show the world that they’ve moved on with their lives by going back to being active on social media. According to PEOPLE, Josh Duggar even broke his social media silence to wish wish his son Michael a happy 4th birthday. Perhaps the Duggars’ recent flurry of online activity is a sign that they’ve heard some good news from TLC.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, there’s already been speculation that Marjorie Jackson is more interested in being on TV than she is in courting Josiah Duggar. If this is the case, she’s probably rooting for TLC to keep the show on the air. 19 Kids and Counting fans were also looking forward to getting to know Marjorie because she’s so unlike Josiah’s sisters — she actually wears pants, and she’s been taking college-level graphic design classes. This seems to indicate that she’s interested in pursuing a higher education and a career.

Josiah is the first Duggar boy to enter into a courtship since Josh Duggar started wooing Anna Keller about seven years ago. The Duggars aren’t fans of long engagements (too much temptation), so they were married in 2008 after a very short engagement. Josh pops up in Josiah and Marjorie’s courtship announcement video to explain the difference between dating and courting. He also makes sure to brag about how good looking he is.

If 19 Kids and Counting stays on the air, viewers will likely get to watch Josiah Duggar and Marjorie Jackson walking down the aisle in the very near future. Do you think fans will get to see the first Duggar boy wedding since Josh and Anna Duggar got hitched, or will 19 kids get ditched?

[Image credit: Josiah Duggar/Instagram]