‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Co-op Survival Missions Detailed For The First Time

In addition to competitive multiplayer matches, the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront reboot from DICE will also contain several shorter missions with varying objectives. This content can be completed solo with a co-op partner via either local or multiplayer access. While these co-op missions were previously confirmed for Star Wars: Battlefront, EA detailed one of the new survival missions that shows gamers what to expect from the title’s cooperative gameplay.

In the newly revealed demo for Star Wars: Battlefront, players are given their first chance to see one of the game’s co-op matches in action. According to the Playstation Blog, the survival-based mission challenges gamers to live through 15 waves of assault on the desert planet of Tatooine. Besides being confronted with just basic stormtroopers, fans must also compete with iconic Star Wars vehicles in Battlefront’s co-op missions, such as AT-ST walkers, as the difficulty scales up the longer that players survive.

“In a total of 15 enemy waves, you’ll face off against stormtroopers, AT-STs, and anything in between. PlayStation 4 players can also team up with a second player in split-screen co-op, or take the fight online via co-op.”

While Electronic Arts and DICE have only provided a glimpse of one of the new co-op missions from Star Wars: Battlefront, gamers are reassured that there will be several other missions available at launch to take players to different locations that Star Wars fans will be able to recognize from the films. In addition to including different maps, the co-op missions will also feature a variety of different objectives. As a result, players can expect to see many different gameplay types in the missions beyond the already revealed wave-based survival challenge.

“Star Wars Battlefront Survival Missions are not only limited to Tatooine, nor is it the only type of Mission that will be available. There will be many more challenges, such as Trial Missions, Battle Missions, and Hero Battles.”

The exact number of co-op missions that will be included in Star Wars: Battlefront has not yet been confirmed. Like the announced Tatooine survival mission, EA and DICE have both stated that the game’s cooperative content is being designed to be highly replayable so fans can expect to have the option to enjoy the missions on repeated playthroughs.

Star Wars: Battlefront will also have plenty of traditionally multiplayer action for gamers to enjoy. The Inquisitr revealed the official E3 trailer for the game earlier this week. The video depicts several minutes of multiplayer action within Star Wars: Battlefront upon the icy world of Hoth.

Do the co-op missions of Star Wars: Battlefront interest you, or are you specifically looking forward to online competitive gameplay?

[Images via EA Star Wars]