Teen Has Sex With Dog, Takes Selfies In Grandmother's House [Graphic Language]

Dogs are supposedly man's best friend. Unfortunately, some people abuse them and need to be held accountable for their actions. An 18-year-old woman named Ashley Miller was charged with two counts of sexual activities involving animals after Bradenton, Florida, investigators found she was engaging in sexual activity with a dog. As horrid as this is to most individuals, she even took graphic selfies on her cell phone, which the police saw as evidence, according to the Daily News.


The abused pit bull is named 2-face and the alleged encounters occurred in her grandmother's house. Other individuals in the house supposedly were unaware of what was going on behind closed doors. According to documents, Miller admitted to coaxing the poor dog into licking her vagina between 30 to 40 times over a five-year period. But fewer than 10 of the acts occurred after she was 18. She also admitted to making her prior dog, a pitbull Rottweiler mix named Scarface, perform oral sex on her too.

Miller stated that she never forced 2-face into the act, and that the dog voluntarily put its muzzle into her private areas, according to Metro. She also stated that she did not touch 2-face sexually.

During at least two of the oral sex sessions, she took selfies of the act, putting the photos in two hidden folders on her cell phone. She entitled the folders "2-face fun," and another titled "Me." Luckily, the police found these disgusting photos.

The pit bull 2-face was checked out by a veterinarian and no physical damage was found, according to the Examiner. After Miller's arrest, she posted $1,000 bond. Her arraignment is next month. It's not clear if the dog will remain in the same house.

Bestiality was legal in Florida until 2011, when the state finally passed a law forbidding sex with animals. However, the wording of the new law was challenged a year later after a man claimed that, since there was no penetration, he couldn't be charged for having oral sex with his dog, according to PIX 11. The state, unfortunately, does not specifically prohibit oral sex with a dog. But other animal abuse laws may come into play, as Miller has been charged.

What type of penalty do you think should occur for someone who abuses animals, especially in the manner described in the story? Should there be mandatory laws against all bestiality, as there are in some states? Do you think that the dog should be re-homed? Please leave your comments below.

There have been far too many cases of animal abuse lately. In another horrendous case of abuse, a young dog was found hanging from a rope at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona. The one to two-year-old mixed breed dog suffered greatly. She has been named Sunny, and has been receiving medical treatment at the Pima Animal Care Center. It's one of the worst cases of abuse that they've seen in the last year. Luckily, the dog was placed in foster care to recover, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

[Photo Courtesy Bradenton Police Department]