Jessica Rae Sacco Asked To Be Stabbed, Says Boyfriend Accused Of Her Murder

Jessica Rae Sacco was stabbed, suffocated and dismembered last year, and now the man accused of her murder has told police an odd story about how the 21-year-old died.

24-year-old Matthew Puccio (above) was Sacco’s boyfriend. He told police that Jessica asked him to stab her after he found a text saying she planned to have him killed. Puccio revealed to authorities:

“She started crying and told me, ‘I wish I didn’t have to die, but I understand what I did.’ She was pleading with me to slash her throat and slash her wrist, do something. And I told her, ‘No, I can’t do that to you,’ and she told me to stab her then. So, I just held my hand above her stomach. She grabbed my wrist and pulled it into her stomach.”

Puccio added that her last words were, “I still love you, and I forgive you.”

Puccio, 24, is one of five people charged in connection with the murder. A couple from Fenton, Michigan, and two people from Urbana are charged with failing to intervene in the killing, and also helping Puccio cut off Sacco’s limbs and transport them to a site where they were dumped in Kentucky and southern Ohio.


While Puccio maintains his story, Amanda Erb, a friend of Sacco, had a different take on the couple’s relationship. She told WBNSthat, since they met six months ago on Facebook, it was was Puccio who had caused problems in the relationship. She stated:

“I’ve been telling her, ‘You need to get him out of here.’ Maybe that’s what set the whole thing off. Maybe she had enough and was going to tell him to leave. I don’t know.”

The trial continues.

[Via WBNS]