Karrueche Tran Interview: Talks Flaws, Insecurities, And Actress Outlooks

Karrueche Tran has a body that’s seemingly flawless. However, she reveals that she does have imperfections. In an interview, Tran lists her insecurities, while speaking on acting possibilities.

Though lately she’s had to diffuse Chris Brown allegations, Karrueche is turning her focus in more positive directions. As reports Hollywood Life, Brown thinks that Tran owes her fame to him.

Whatever the case may be, Karrueche states on Big Boy’s morning show that she’s “100 percent single.” In the interview, she mentions as follows.

“I’m really just focusing on me. I can’t get into no relationship right now. I just want to be focused and grind…”

“…Unfortunately, people continue to tie us [‘Chris and Karrueche’]. And I get it, but as I continue to grow, to do more for myself, it’ll separate. And I’ll be Karrueche the actress, Karrueche the model.”

Amid the speculation, she maintains that she’s had zero contact with Chris since the blowup.

Nevertheless, as she progresses from modeling to acting, Tran says that she has some flaws and insecurities about herself.

In the same interview with Big Boy TV, Karrueche talks openly about the aforementioned concerns. One of her main dislikes is her navel (belly button). Tran believes that it’s too large for her body, since she’s of a slim figure.

Shortly into the interview, she stated that she could probably fit a quarter into her belly button since it was “so huge.” Well, Big Boy took her up on the challenge and asked if he could see if it’d fit. As a good sport, she agreed to the challenge. While he began to fit it inside, he requested that Karrueche would finish placing it.

Karrueche Tran Interview - Talks Flaws, Insecurities And Actress Outlooks
Credits: YouTube

According to everyone else in the room, Karrueche Tran’s belly button is “perfect.” In a likewise appeal, Big Boy asked, “What is your flaw for real?? Do you have one?” As she returned to her seat, she announced as follows.

“My belly button. My hands, I have big hands. They’re like witch hands.”

Big Boy jokingly redirected to the next topic, Karrueche’s acting career — to which she responded as follow.

“[I have] a lot going on…a lot of good stuff going on. You know, it’s my first year (year and a half) into acting. And the show that I’m on, The Bay, just recently won a Daytime Emmy…”

“…It’s an amazing feeling to be a part of a cast that’s…winning! It’s really awesome, especially for me…”

“…[Acting] is the goal right now.”

As Karrueche continues, she mentions that she’s shy and reserved. She’s never performed prior to her current acting gig. So, she’s fresh-on-the-scene. However, regardless of having no prior experience, Tran says that she loves it.

Moreover, the 27-year-old actress just celebrated her birthday on May 17th. In the interview, she stated that she’s old now. Maybe that accounts for the change of direction? No matter. Because of her youthful appearance, she feels that she can still play teenage roles, if need-be.

All in all, what are your thoughts about Karrueche Tran’s future? Will she make it as an actress? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

[Photo Credits: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment]