‘Falling Skies’ Spoilers: Where Is Tom At The Start Of Season 5?

Falling Skies will return to TNT in a little less than two weeks, and fans are still wondering about Tom Mason and the 2nd Mass.

There is one big question that fans are asking about Season 5, and that question is – where is Tom Mason after the events of the Falling Skies Season 4 finale?

Some fans think he is in outer space still, but a new spoiler from TV Line released today revealed that Tom might not be in space at all. The spoiler from Ausiello teased more about the start of Season 5 too.

“The good news: With the Espheni power core destroyed (thanks, Lexi!), the Skitters and Mechs are (mostly) sitting ducks. The bad news: The assorted ETs have still got some pluck (and maybe a tiny new weapon), and at the start of the final season’s Episode 2 they strike a critical blow against the 2nd Mass, one that will leave them wondering: “Is Skitter meat edible?” (Also: Don’t be so sure that Tom is floating around in space…)”

The bad news sounds really bad, but the tease about Tom’s location is good news. Some fans have been worried that Tom would be stuck in space forever.

Photos for the Falling Skies premiere episode shared by Spoiler TV do include one image of Tom (shown above), and it appears that he is in a gym of some sort. There are bleachers and chairs in the photo with him.

The news outlet also shared a short synopsis about the premiere titled “Find Your Warrior,” which said, “Tom’s life hangs in the balance as his beamer drifts into space; Tom encounters a surprising guest.”

That surprise guest was teased in the final moments of the Falling Skies finale. Was it his wife? Spoilers have teased someone new will have a connection to Tom, and it will cause him issues with Anne. The return of his former wife would be a major complication.

Spoilers for Falling Skies Season 5 and the finale of the series shared in a previous report by Inquisitr have teased that fans will see some major losses before the end. Those losses will be on the side of the 2nd mass. It is not known who will die yet though.

Falling Skies has become a major hit on TNT, but the series is coming to an end this summer. What do you think? Where is Tom by the end of the Season 5 premiere of Falling Skies?

[Photo: TNT]