Rachel Dolezal Scandal Thickens — Her Brother Allegedly Sexually Abused Their Adopted Black Sister

The story of Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who allegedly pretended to be African American for much of her life, just keeps getting more bizarre. More news about the scandal surrounding the Dolezal family has been released, including shocking claims that the brother of Rachel Dolezal sexually assaulted the 6- or 7-year-old adopted daughter of the family. And it connects to Rachel’s phony ethnicity in a shocking and unusual way.

According to BuzzFeed News, Rachel Dolezal’s brother Joshua, age 39, has been charged with four counts of sexually assaulting a child. He was arrested in Colorado in March of 2014. Parents of Rachel Dolezal spoke directly to BuzzFeed about the allegations and claim they were widely fabricated, calling them “absolutely untrue.” However, they did admit that the adopted sister of Joshua and Rachel Dolezal reported the crimes to the authorities.

According to the New York Daily News, the case is taking place in Clear Creek County and will go to trial sometime this summer. Rachel Dolezal has not yet publicly addressed the sexual abuse allegations, but hinted that the interview her parents gave “outing” her as a white woman was a calculated attempt to damage her credibility as a witness in Joshua’s case. This seems to suggest that Rachel Dolezal has plans to testify against her brother, while her parents — who maintain that the abuse allegations are false — are trying to defend their son by any means necessary.

Ruthanne Dolezal, Rachel’s mother, has made harsh accusations against her daughter, claiming that she is attempting to ruin the family.

“Our daughter Rachel is desperately trying to destroy her biological family and over times those attempts have become more serious. These malicious accusations need to be recognized for what they are. We are just hopeful and praying that our justice system will work for justice and not just be a platform to be abused.”

An affidavit prepared by the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office revealed the nature of Joshua Dolezal’s sexual assault, although large portions of it have been redacted.

“J. Dolezal would follow [redacted] into bathroom and would make [redacted] undress and would touch [redacted] and [redacted] area on [redacted] skin. This happened over 20 times.”

The affidavit reportedly claims that the victim informed the police that her adopted brother, Joshua, frequently forced her to touch his genitals and perform oral sex on him. He would also reportedly threaten to hurt her if she ever dared to tell the authorities. The affidavit also claims that the victim’s adoptive mother called the accusations “lies,” which she still maintains, and that the victim was eventually placed in a safe home for abused children.


The identity of the victim of sexual abuse has not been released, but she has not responded to various attempts to reach her for comment. Joshua Dolezal is currently released on bail.

It’s also possible that Rachel Dolezal was abused by her brother. The affidavit includes the claim “that Joshua Dolezal had victimized [redacted] older sister,” which would refer to Rachel Dolezal.

What do you think is the truth about Rachel Dolezal? Are her parents trying to destroy her image to save her brother?

Meanwhile, Rachel Dolezal still identifies as black and says she would do it all again.