Disabled Daughter Murders Mother With Help Of Boyfriend — ‘I Slashed That Fat Pig’

A Missouri mother was brutally stabbed in the back by the boyfriend of her disabled daughter, who requested the gruesome murder. Violent messages on Facebook led authorities to charge the victim’s daughter, Gypsy Blancharde, and her so-called “paramour” for the crime.

According to the Huffington Post, the body of Clauddinnea “Dee Dee” Blancharde, age 48, was found by Greene County Sheriff’s deputies on Sunday after neighbors and friends of the family read the frightening messages on the daughter’s social media page.

One shocking post read, “I f***en SLASHED THAT FAT PIG AND RAPED HER SWEET INNOCENT DAUGHTER.” According to the Greene County prosecuting attorney, the message was traced to an electronic device used by 26-year-old Nicholas Godejohn, the boyfriend of the victim’s disabled daughter.

According to the Springfield News Leader, Gypsy Blancharde, whose age was not revealed, suffers from muscular dystrophy and leukemia. Despite recent Facebook photos that show the family smiling and embracing, Gypsy Blancharde plotted to have her mother killed by her boyfriend and gave him the knife to do it.


Both Gypsy Blancharde and Nicholas Godejohn were taken into custody on Monday. They later admitted to murdering and robbing Gypsy’s mother. Godejohn reportedly confessed to driving to Springfield, sneaking into the mother’s room and stabbing her several times. He claims he asked Gypsy Blancharde if she was absolutely sure she wanted her mother dead, and she said yes.

During the murder, Gypsy Blancharde hid in the bathroom and listened to the screams as her mother was stabbed to death. She then cleaned up some blood in the hallway and stole several thousand dollars from her mother’s safe.

Gypsy Blancharde seemingly wanted to be caught for the crime. Shortly after the murder was committed, Gypsy posted “That B***h is dead” to Facebook, hoping that police would find the body quickly.

According to the News Leader, the situation became even more complicated when it was revealed Gypsy Blancharde may not be disabled after all. Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott revealed at a press conference that Gypsy Blancharde can walk on her own without a wheelchair, and that the family was using her so-called disability to run a financial fraud scheme.

“We really don’t know the true background of this family,” Arnott said. “This is a tragic, tragic event surrounded by mystery and public deception.”

Both Gypsy Blancharde and her “paramour” are being charged with first degree murder.

[Image credit: Springfield News Leader]