Elderly Woman On Her Mobility Scooter Got Police Escort On Highway 546 [Video]

It happened on Highway 546 in Lyden, Wash., where an elderly lady on her mobility scooter had gotten lost and was driving erratically. In fact she was four miles out of what should have been her route and was traveling on a busy highway at a very slow speed.

The Washington State Patrol got a number of calls saying that an elderly woman on her mobility scooter was riding erratically on Highway 547 in Lyden. She apparently kept swerving out of the side lane and going in circles, doing a top speed of 6 mph.

According to the Washington State Patrol, Trooper Dave Hintz was the one to respond to the call on June 9 and asked the elderly woman on her mobility scooter to pull over to the side of the road.

UPI reports Hintz wasn’t about to give the elderly lady a ticket, however, as he merely wanted to assist her. The lady told Hintz that she had been riding around in circles because she was lost. Hintz then ensured that the elderly woman on her mobility scooter got a safe police escort all the way home.

Apparently it took over an hour for the elderly woman to reach home, as Hintz drove carefully behind her at her maximum speed of 6 mph. As can be seen from the video above, things sometimes got a little hairy when she went off the tarmac and asked Hintz not to topple her over.

Speaking to KOMO-TV, Hintz explained that he just treated her the way he would have wanted someone to treat his mom.

Apparently photos and videos of the elderly woman on her mobility scooter soon did the rounds on the social media as amused witnesses captured the spectacle with their phones and cameras.

With so much bad press about the police in the news these days, this story was a breath of fresh air. Hintz stressed that he was only doing his duty the way he knew how when he helped the elderly woman on her mobility scooter.


“Our motto with the state patrol is service with humility.”

“It took a lot of patience and humility to take care of this lady.”

So it was a case of all’s well that ends well as the elderly woman on her mobility scooter arrived home safely, with warnings from the trooper to please stay safe and preferably away from Highway 546 in Lyden in the future.

Elderly woman on her mobility scooter

As reported on the Inquisitr, however, not all elderly ladies are getting a fair treatment, as a son booted his mother out of her home by putting it on the market and making it too expensive for her to buy the house.

[Image: Screen grab from YouTube video]