Judas Devlin Enters ‘Big Brother 17’ House As Austin Matelson

Big Brother 17 has a celebrity house guest. Austin Matelson is known professionally as Judas Devlin, a wrestler who was part of the WWE NXT roster. NXT is the development arm of the WWE, but its matches attract a major audience.

Matelson, as Judas Devlin, spoke out earlier this year about improper conduct by WWE NXT trainer Bill DeMott, who later resigned. Devlin conducted an interview accusing DeMott of negligence, bullying, favoritism, and referencing sexual orientation.

At the same time, a two-year-old memo that Devlin had sent to WWE officials leaked online. In it, Devlin detailed the serious physical injury he said resulted from DeMott’s training practices. In a statement, WWE said that it had investigated the claims, but had been unable to validate them. DeMott resigned shortly thereafter.

Matelson tweeted his side of the story when the controversy erupted.

Matelson also responded to DeMott’s resignation on social media.

His official Twitter account was also quick to acknowledge his upcoming Big Brother experience after the cast announcement.

Welcome to my #Imaganarium @CBSBigBrother pic.twitter.com/k7tKpvFJ2l

— Judas Draven (@JudasDraven) June 16, 2015

CarterMatt wrote that it was hard to picture how Matelson might relate to the other Big Brother contestants, but did note he seems to have “a good heart.” His extended bio on Big Brother Network mentions he likes cheerleading, gymastics, yoga, and reading. Matelson eventually got a Master’s degree in medieval history, despite once dropping out of school in the eighth grade.

Matelson says Dr. Will and Howie are his favorite past Big Brother contestants. He failed to mention the show’s well-known wrestler, Jessie.

Big Brother 17 debuts on CBS June 24.

[Judas Devlin image via sportskeeda.com]