‘Destiny: The Taken King’ Will Require You To Earn The New Sub-Classes

Destiny Sunbreaker Titan (PlayStation, Xbox)

Those new Guardian sub-classes revealed in the Destiny: The Taken King announcement on Monday at E3 won’t just be dropped in the lap of PlayStation and Xbox players. No, the Sunbreaker, Nightstalker, and Stormcaller will have to be earned.

Bungie released a new video documentary for The Taken King today that explained the background story for the upcoming Destiny expansion, along with why and how Guardians will gain their third sub-class.

The basic premise is that Oryx, the father of Crota, is more than a little ticked that the Guardians killed his son. He’s out for revenge, and the action starts on the Martian moon of Phobos. A Cabal distress signal has caused the Vanguard to send the player to investigate.

Destiny Sunbreaker Titan (PlayStation, Xbox)

The distress signal is from the Cabal fleeing their Phobos base because Oryx isn’t just attacking it, he’s taking soldiers and twisting them into his own minions. The Taken consist of new versions of Fallen, Hive, Cabal, and Vex. Each possess new abilities and powers, and Bungie’s design goal was to make them feel even more alien and tortured at the same time.

Oryx himself is in a giant dreadnought ship, and the Vanguard realizes that the Guardians aren’t powerful enough to stop him. As a result, players are sent on quests to rediscover powers that the Guardians used to have.

Judging the video documentary, these may be separate quests that take players to different destinations within Destiny. The Hunter is shown discovering the Nightstalker on Venus, and the Titan finds the Sunbreaker power on Mercury. Then the image that implies the Warlock is receiving the Stormcaller for the first time is on Mars.

Destiny Hunter Nightstalker (Playstation, Xbox)

The Sunbreaker sub-class gives the Titan some range with its Solar super ability, as it can use the hammer either in melee combat or throw it at enemies and have it return to his hand.

Meanwhile, the Nightstalker gives the Hunter a support class option, with Void damage as each of the arrows it fires restricts the movement of one or multiple enemies. This should also make those still struggling with the Thorn bounty happy.

Finally, Warlocks will literally ride the lightning with the Stormcaller. The Stormtrance super causes the character to float off the ground and move freely while also being able to shoot out chains of lightning that arc between enemies.

Destiny Warlock Stormcaller (Playstation, Xbox)

Destiny story wise, the addition of the new sub-classes fits with some of the subtle hints from the Grimoire cards. It’s enjoyable that these are separate quests that potentially treat each of the three Guardian classes differently. This hopefully gives a unique experience as long as these quests have meaty gameplay elements behind them.

What do you think of the idea to send Destiny players on different quests to obtain powers for each of the new sub-classes? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via Destiny]