‘Real Housewife’ Kim Richards Is Enrolled In 90-Day Rehab [Report]

Real Housewife Kim Richards has reportedly enrolled in a 90-day treatment program.

Following her arrest in April at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Richards appeared on The Dr. Phil Show, where, after being confronted by her children, she agreed to seek treatment. However, the Real Housewife‘s journey towards clean living has been highly dramatic. After leaving her first rehab center at the end of May, Richards overstayed her vacation in Mexico, where her daughter, Brooke Brinson, was getting married, and remained in the country for an alleged alcohol binge. When she finally did return, she reportedly entered a second facility. Then, weeks later, a third, where she will allegedly stay for the next few months.

Unfortunately, the Real Housewife‘s third rehab stay has been eventful — and not in a good way. On June 15, a source revealed the following to Radar Online, via the Examiner.

“Kim has not been participating in the group activities here. She has not been especially nice to the other patients and has managed to seclude herself as much as possible.”

While the Real Housewife hasn’t been getting along with her fellow patients, Radar‘s source claimed she’s planning to remain in treatment for at least three months.

“Although she knows she can stay as long as she needs, 90 days was recommended for her because three months will give her a solid base to sobriety, but 90 days is just to start. She could do more.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Real Housewife has allegedly lost her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ahead of the sixth season of the show. Although Bravo has yet to weigh in on the report, or confirm any news in regard to the upcoming cast of Season 6, a source told Us Weekly that producers have no interest in working with Richards in the near future.

“The RHOBH producers really have no interest in bringing her back to the show. Kim needs to get help and it needs to happen outside of the show… There’s no interest in putting her back on television unless she’s addressed her issues. The show didn’t trigger her addiction — and her recovery also needs to happen outside of it.”

The Real Housewife is due in court on July 16 for a pretrial hearing regarding her April 16 arrest. She’s facing charges of public intoxication, resisting an officer, and battery on an officer.

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