Father Catches Male Daycare Worker Allegedly Raping His 5-Year-Old Daughter, Worker Says It Was ‘Accidental’

One father recently came face-to-face with what may have been his worst nightmare. He had only arrived at the Kids Country Daycare Center to pick his daughter up but ultimately witnessed much more than he could have ever imagined. Now, the little girl has allegedly been victimized, and the daycare worker is behind bars.

According to Q-13 Fox, the father — who has not been identified to conceal the name of the victim — reportedly walked in on a 31-year-old daycare worker raping his 5-year-old daughter.

The father stated that he caught the man behind a bookshelf with his daughter. Although the daycare worker immediately offered the father an explanation by insisting he’d been having a “tickle fight” with the little girl, the father wasn’t convinced. So he asked his daughter about the incident and she had a totally different response.


According to police reports, the little girl allegedly told her father that she’d been touched “inappropriately” by the daycare worker, reports KFOR. Due to the allegations, the father contacted Child Protective Services and the little girl was asked again. When the CPS workers asked about her interactions with the daycare worker, she stated that he’d raped her.


The preliminary report was forwarded to the Normandy Park Police Department and the daycare worker was interviewed. During the interview, the Kids Country employee allegedly admitted that he touched the little girl “beneath her underwear,” but his actions weren’t intentional. His admission led to his arrest and he is now expected to face charges for first-degree rape. His name has not yet been released because he has not officially been charged.

The shocking incident is quite alarming to most parents of children who attend the daycare. Many have adamantly stated that they will be removing their children from the facility.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]