Report: Joyce Mitchell Had Sex With Both Escaped Convicts — Husband Visits Her Behind Bars [Video]

The harrowing tales surrounding Joyce Mitchell and her involvement with escaped convicts Richard Matt and David Sweat keep spilling out in surprising twists and turns. According to the New York Daily News, sources claim that Mitchell had sexual contact with Sweat — called a “sexual incident” — and allegedly performed oral sex on Matt, who has been called “well endowed” by those who knew him.

Joyce was arrested for her role in helping the inmates break out of the Clinton Correctional Facility. Though sources told the New York Daily News that Mitchell had sex with both escaped convicts prior to their escape, cops have yet to confirm if Joyce corroborated the sexual accusations. Until now, Mitchell has denied claims that her relationships with the men were ones of a sexual nature.

The 51-year-old Mitchell was introduced to Matt and Sweat in 2013, and one of Joyce’s colleagues eventually claimed that Joyce had sexual contact with 35-year-old Sweat. Whether the sexual contact actually happened or not, Joyce was allowed to keep working with Sweat and the 48-year-old well-endowed Matt in the sewing shop of the prison.

Despite the claims of sex with other men, Joyce still received a jail visit from her husband. As reported by the Daily Mail, Lyle Mitchell paid a visit to his so-called wayward wife in prison on Tuesday morning. The publication states that either Lyle practiced extreme forgiveness of his wife’s alleged actions, or was none the wiser about her activities prior to the escaped convicts being the source of a major manhunt. That’s because Lyle would drive Joyce to the prison each morning in Dannemora, the location of her alleged sexual affairs with the prisoners.

Eventually, Joyce’s conscience caught up with her, along with panic attacks, because Mitchell bailed on the escaped duo instead of driving them away after their prison break nearly two weeks ago. Instead, Joyce visited a hospital, and eventually ended up in the hands of investigators — whereby tales of alleged plots to kill Lyle began surfacing. Joyce was scheduled to potentially run away with the escaped convicts and possibly begin a new life, but somewhere between fantasy meeting reality, those plans fell apart.


If anything sexual occurred or not, a notion that Clinton County Sheriff David Favro refused to confirm or deny, Favro did admit that the escaped convicts emotionally manipulated Joyce.

“I think more than anything, they just played on her emotions.”

[Image via New York Police]