Hailee Steinfeld May Be Celebrating High School Graduation By Starting Work On ‘Pitch Perfect 3’

Hailee Steinfeld May Be Celebrating High School Graduation By Starting Work On 'Pitch Perfect 3'

Hailee Steinfeld just graduated high school, but at a time when her classmates are enjoying their last summer together before heading off to college, the actress may have something a bit bigger in mind — a third movie in the Pitch Perfect series.

This weekend, the 18-year-old star of Pitch Perfect 2 graduated from high school, and her friends threw a graduation party in her honor.

“I had the best night of my life last night with my favorite people, who threw me a surprise graduation celebration,” the actress wrote on Instagram when posting some pictures from the bash. “We danced, karaoke-d (screamed, really) I laughed until I CRIED.”

Hailee added, “Not really. But actually though. Thank you to everyone who came, I love you.”

It seems that Hailee Steinfeld has a lot of people to love. Her fans recently got the hashtag #WhyWeLoveHailee to trend on Twitter, which the actress said was a humbling moment.

“I love you guys more than anything,” she wrote.

But Hailee may not be taking much of a break to enjoy the end of her high school days. As the Hollywood Reporter noted, Universal is already hard at work putting together a third installment of the Pitch Perfect series. After the second movie netted an impressive $171 million (and still growing), the studio was quick to get a third installment going.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that details of Pitch Perfect 3 are still light.

“Sources say negotiations have begun with Kay Cannon, who wrote the first two movies, to return for a third. It remains to be seen whether co-star Elizabeth Banks, a steward of the franchise as one of its producers, will return to the director’s chair.

How a story would reunite the core Barden Bellas now that (spoiler alert) most have graduated college will be easier than making deals for such stars as Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, who sources say were paid about $2 million each for Pitch 2, which cost $29 million to make. That’s a step up from their fees for the original 2012 film, which were in the low-six figures for Kendrick and less than $100,000 for Wilson, whose Fat Amy became the breakout.”

Reports this week indicated that both Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson would be back for the third movie, and it’s likely that Hailee Steinfeld, who played freshman newcomer Emily Junk, will take on an even bigger role in the newest movie.

Hailee Steinfeld may have some other post-graduation plans as well. In addition to rumors of a Pitch Perfect 3, she also signed a record deal with Republic Records and has plans for her first album.

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