June 16, 2015
WWE Rumors: The Shield Could Be On Their Way To Reuniting As A Group Of Babyfaces After Brock Lesnar's Return

Last night on Monday Night RAW, Brock Lesnar returned from his "indefinite suspension," but he was brought back by those that gave it to him -- The Authority. It almost appeared as if they completely turned on WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, and threw him under the bus. Well, this leads more credibility to rumors that The Shield could be reuniting soon.

Rumors have been floating around for a couple months now that The Shield would be heading toward a reunion. With that, rumors of a Wyatt Family reunion ended up being squashed, but there was always something standing in the way of the Hounds of Justice coming back together.

That obstacle was Seth Rollins being a heel, while Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose were both babyfaces. Brock Lesnar's return may have knocked that obstacle to the ground.

If WWE is trying to get the crowd to completely boo Lesnar and make him a mega-heel, it's likely not going to work. In order for WWE to make him a heel in any sense of the word, they took the right step in aligning him with The Authority.

the shield reunion brock lesnar

Triple H was able to keep a serious face on Monday Night RAW, but Stephanie McMahon was unable to keep from smiling behind Rollins' back. It's obvious that they are now aligning with Lesnar and trying to push Rollins out.

That, in turn, would make Rollins a babyface, as he would be opposing The Authority. It was the exact same thing that happened with Randy Orton and his face turn once he left the group.

Roman Reigns isn't turning heel (not yet, at least) as many thought he would be doing. Now, he's paired against Bray Wyatt, one of the faces of evil in WWE, and looking to be the hero. On RAW last night, Wyatt even brought up the "justice" that Reigns used to fight for.

bray wyatt roman reigns

The third piece of the puzzle that is The Shield reunion is Dean Ambrose. The "Lunatic Fringe" went from being the second guy in the WWE Title picture to not really having any direction at all. He may end up a part of the Sheamus / Randy Orton feud, but if not, then's kind of in limbo.

No matter what, Ambrose and Reigns are still babyfaces. Brock Lesnar returning to WWE television means that Seth Rollins is well on his way to being a face. This means that all members of The Shield would be on the same side once again, and it could lead to their reunion before too long.

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