‘Sleeping Beauty’ Prom Entrance: Ashvonn Russell Arrives In Ambulance, Is Woken By Kiss, And The Internet Is Furious

When Ashvonn Russell originally devised her prom entrance, she probably didn’t envision that it would turn her into a viral sensation. But her decision to use an ambulance as her carriage and for her to pretend to be Sleeping Beauty that is awoken by a kiss from her Prince Charming has proved to be rather divisive across the internet.

The entire debacle started after @CaptainPajamas took to his Twitter account to upload evidence of Ashvonn Russell’s unconventional entrance to her prom.

After just two days, these images have been favorited and retweeted over 7,000 times. Russell, who hails from the Bahamas, has since been inundated with criticism for her use of the ambulance.

After the emergency automobile arrived at the event, Russell was then wheeled out on a gurney and pretended to be asleep. Then her date, Johnny Auguste, planted a kiss on her cheek that magically woke her up.

It’s believed that Russell went to such extreme lengths to try and win the “Best Entrance” at the dance. This competition had been organized by a local Key Club, and three different high schools, each of which are based on the Abaco Islands, took part.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Russell explained that as an artist she likes to “think outside the box,” which is what provoked her to incorporate the ambulance into her entrance.

“This is evident in all of my paintings and drawings which are mostly inspired by fairy tales,” she added. “Sleeping Beauty with a modern twist captured my interest for my prom entrance.” However, there has since been some negative response to Russell’s arrival, which has led her to admit that it’s left her feeling “bittersweet.”

Russell continued, “My hope for this theme was genuinely and solely to win best entrance by my unique style of entry and not for some of the negative attention and exposure it has received. For all the people of my great nation and around the world that I have offended, I apologize. It was not my intention to offend anyone.”

However, even though she apologized to those who took offence, Russell insisted that she was still proud of the idea and its execution. “I can never apologize for being artistic and creative because that’s what makes me who I am,” she declared.

In fact, she even euphorically concluded by stating, “To those that have creative minds like myself, do not let the negativity stop you. Always dare to be different.”

You can read some of the negativity that has headed Russell’s way following her Sleeping Beauty prom entrance below.

UPDATE: An employee at The Public Hospitals Authority has been suspended after it was revealed that they had used the ambulance for the stunt.

A statement, via the Tribune, from the PHA reads as follows.

“The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) finds it despicable that an ambulance under the management of the Authority was used in the execution of a prom event in Marsh Harbour, Abaco at the weekend.

The use of the ambulance is in direct contravention of the rules regarding the dispatching and use of emergency vehicles which should be dispatched solely for the purpose of medical transport.

All EMTs and ambulance drivers are well aware of the rules that govern the engagement of emergency vehicles. The Public Hospitals Authority has undertaken disciplinary action regarding the incident and further action may result following the conclusion of an investigation.”

[Image via BuzzFeed]