Gabi Grecko Is Pregnant: 26-Year-Old Conceives Baby With 72-Year-Old Husband

Gabi Grecko is pregnant with her first child. The U.S.-born model is living with her husband, Geoffrey Edelsten, 72, in Australia. According to Mail Online, Grecko has taken to social media to ask for advice during her first trimester as she has been very ill, suffering from morning sickness.

“I feel like hell any tips. I’m having very early, 5 am morning sickness. Help,” Gabi wrote to her followers. She only recently found out that she was with child after weeks of not feeling well. She told one publication that the pregnancy was a complete shock, but that she’s excited to have a baby with her husband (the two married about a week ago in a shotgun wedding ceremony of sorts because Gabi’s visa was about to expire).

News that Gabi Grecko is pregnant hit the web hard yesterday. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there has been some controversy surrounding this baby. When Gabi made her announcement, she posted a picture of a positive pregnancy test that she got off of Google. Fans seemed to think that Gabi was lying about being pregnant, and that she posted the photo for attention. Gabi, however, has denied those claims, and she explained that she “didn’t look good” the day she took her pregnancy announcement photo.

“They don’t know what’s going on. They don’t want to help. They don’t want to make things better. They just want to attack me and I don’t want them to attack my baby. I want all of those wishes and all of those people out there to be positive towards it because I’m already worried you know. I want things to go right.”

According to NewsOXY, Gabi and Geoffrey were spotted out and about in Melbourne on Sunday, Gabi looking rather sick.

“Grecko was dressed in a torn pink T-shirt with a tweed colored coat and leather pants. Gabi forced a smile as she visited her new mother-in-law, who didn’t make it to the wedding. Geoffrey looked fresh in a black jacket over a bright yellow T-shirt and black trousers as he almost skipped alongside his pregnant wife.”

The two were spotted sharing a couple of kisses as they walked together. Gabi has said that Geoffrey is happy, and that she is hoping that she has a little boy so that she can name him after his dad (Geoffrey has a son who is Gabi’s age whom he does not have a relationship with).

[Photo via Instagram]