WWE News: Machine Gun Kelly Asked For Kevin Owens To PowerBomb Him Off The ‘WWE RAW’ Stage, Literally

WWE RAW not only saw the return of WWE star Brock Lesnar, but it also included rapper Machine Gun Kelly as a guest. He had a mini segment backstage, and then performed on the show for a bit of time, as well. After his performance was over, WWE Superstar Kevin Owens came out clapping for him in a sarcastic sort of way. It was then that Kelly offered his hand to shake when Owens looked down and ignored it. MGK then shoved Owens — which was a very bad idea.

Owens then kicked Kelly in the gut and powerbombed him off of the WWE RAW stage. Interestingly enough, as fans might say online, he asked for it. To the surprise of many, however in jest, they were actually right. According to Cageside Seats, Machine Gun Kelly being powerbombed off the stage was actually his idea. He was supposed to stay down longer before being helped to the back, however. This might have been done to save some time for the show, so that it didn’t go too long.

Machine Gun Kelly is actually a friend of John Cena’s, and this is well documented. That said, Kevin Owens attacking MGK only helps to further his rivalry with John Cena.

Many were not in favor of Kelly performing last night, and the Owens powerbomb was actually a great concept to end the segment on a high note for fans.

Owens then went on Twitter to seemingly apologize, but many found it to be sarcastic and not apologetic in the slightest. Owens said as follows.

“I’d like to apologize for my actions tonight. I got carried away.”

One would imagine that this will add some fuel to the growing fire of the Owens/Cena rivalry. The two have had excellent matches together the last two PPVs. It only makes sense to think that the rubber match will be just as good. Most suspect that John Cena will walk out the winner in the match, as he is the babyface and the face always wins in the end. However, many within WWE have called for Owens to come out on top.

Whether or not Kevin Owens wins in the end, the program between he and John Cena has been fun to watch, and one WWE fans will love to see more of in the future. One has to wonder if MGK will show back up eventually — just for kicks in this rivalry, though.

[IMG Credit: YouTube]