Harry Styles New Squeeze Is Another Victoria’s Secret Underwear Model

One Direction star Harry Styles is never far from the gossip columns when his love life is concerned.

Harry has been the darling of the gossip columns since it was revealed that he dated Caroline Flack whilst appearing on Simon Cowell’s reality TV show X-Factor. At the time Harry was just 17-years-old and Ms Flack was in her 30’s. Ever since 21-year-old Harry has gained a reputation as something of a “ladies man.”

Styles has been linked with a succession of beautiful women including Taylor Swift, Kendal Jenner and Cara Delevingne. Late last year Styles was believed to be in a relationship with Victoria’s Secret underwear model Nadine Leopold and the word on the street was that Harry was smitten by the beautiful blonde Austrian model. Harry and Nadine split earlier this year and it was claimed that their relationship couldn’t work out because their hectic schedules kept them apart.

Harry is in the middle of yet another One Direction tour and Nadine’s modelling assignments also take her all over the globe. According to the Daily Mail Harry may have split with Nadine but he has not been turned off underwear models. It seems that Harry has plunged into a relationship with another Victoria’s Secret angel, 23-year-old Sara Sampaio.

Harry was snapped kissing the beautiful Portuguese model whilst out partying in Manhattan. Sara was then allegedly seen leaving Styles hotel the next morning wearing the same clothes as the night before.

Harry Styles

Sara and Harry were seen outside his hotel at around 10 p.m. and they kissed and hugged. Sara left but returned shortly afterwards and then re-emerged at 11 a.m. the next day without any luggage and wearing the same outfit as on the previous evening. Harry left the hotel shortly afterwards.

According to the Mirror a source told the Sun that Harry and Sara were partying hard and that there was a definite chemistry between them.

“Harry had been partying with a group of friends at the Ludlow but seemed very friendly with Sara. There was definitely chemistry there as they hugged and kissed each other when she left.

“But everyone thinks something was up as she came back and they left so soon after each other the next morning.”

Harry was reportedly making use of a few days off between shows on the “On The Road Again” tour to go house hunting in new York. Harry has now rejoined his band-mates for a show in Denmark this evening.

Stories about Harry Styles love life are never far from the gossip columns. This is hardly the first time that 1D’s lothario has been linked with a beautiful woman, it is unlikely to be the last time either.

[Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images and ETOnline]