Lena Headey: Walk Reaction From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale Is A Mixed Bag

Lena Headey walk reaction

Actress Lena Headey took a walk of shame, and fan reaction has been quite mixed since the Game Of Thrones finale. While many people connected with the show have defended Cersei’s “atonement,” some fans thought that the scene was way too intense, and inappropriate. For many seasons, fans have wanted karma to find Cersei, but no one expected it to come like this.

On Sunday night’s GoT finale, Cersei “confesses” her sins (she says she had an affair with a cousin, but omits her relationship with her brother, Jamie), and is told that she may go free after she makes amends for her wrongdoings. Cersei is stripped of her clothes, her hair gets chopped off, and she is forced to walk barefoot and naked through the streets as the common folk yell obscenities at her, and shower her with spit, urine, and whatever else they could.

Lena Headey’s walk reaction reminds people that one simple change can make you see a person differently. So many viewers didn’t think that she deserved such harsh treatment — and Lena agrees. According to the Canada Journal, the level of embarrassment and humiliation was quite high, and Lena couldn’t help but feel awful while filming (it has been reported that a body double was used for the scene, as Lena is pregnant).

“It’s not hard when people are screaming at you and you look like s**t and you’re being f***ing humiliated to figure out how that would feel. There’s a part of you that’s f***ing terrified. I can’t even imagine people wanting your blood. Cersei has done wrong, but she doesn’t really deserve this.”

According to AOL, fans felt bad for Cersei, and didn’t want her to have to go through something so terrible, even if they previously wanted her burned alive for the things she has done.

Headey says, however, that Cersei is a survivor, and that she will make it through this.

“This is going to be all right. That’s what she believes, more than anyone else in the world, ‘You will survive.’ Otherwise, you’ll just kill yourself. So she’s either going to die, or these lessons are going to help her in some way,” said Headey in regard to Cersei’s internal monologue.

But was it too much? As you can see from the tweets below, fans had mixed reactions.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the walk of shame had to be done just right, per director David Nutter. What did you make of it?

Could Lena Headey/Cersei’s walk have gotten the reaction that writers had hoped for? Perhaps people will now have some respect for this woman heading into Season 6, which is about a year away.

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