Gaga: Bikini Boat Body Flaunts Lady Gaga’s 25-Pound Pre-Wedding Weight Loss From Yoga, SoulCycle, Diet [Photos]

Lady Gaga flaunted her bikini body on a boat ride that appeared to be so much fun, her fans vicariously enjoyed Gaga’s joy. The bikini beauty also partied with girlfriends before her performance with Tony Bennett, reported E! News.

Gaga and Tony will perform for four nights at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The NYC gig follows their much-heralded concert in London, at which they rubbed shoulders with royalty that included new uncle Prince Harry.

During Gaga’s bikini boat basking, she spent some downtime just kicking back on the sand and sipping a cocktail. Rumors that a bachelorette party might be in the making quickly spread, because the 29-year-old pop singer sensation and Taylor Kinney became engaged on Valentine’s Day this year.

Kinney, who is 33, gave Gaga a gorgeous diamond ring that was shaped like a heart. “T [hearts] S”read the diamond-worded sentiment on the band.

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For Lady Gaga, getting ready for her wedding means shedding 25 pounds, reported Life & Style.

To do so, she has climbed on the indoor exercise bikes at SoulCycle, a spinning class studio popular among celebrities, shown below.

In addition, Gaga has gotten into the down-dog position and done sun salutations as part of her dedication to yoga classes.

In April, Gaga was estimated to weigh 160 pounds. Now, however, nutritionist Lisa DeFazio estimates that the singer has lost a significant amount of weight.

“It looks like she’s pared down to 135 pounds!” said Lisa.

As for her wedding day dreams?

“She’s dreaming of wearing a Vera Wang wedding gown,” revealed a source.

Lady Gaga works out with celebrity personal trainer Harley Pasternak, reported Billboard.

And rather than obsess about gluten or stress about counting calories, Pasternak focuses on fitness.

“Truth is, less than 1 percent of Americans are actually allergic to wheat,” Harley scoffed about going gluten-free for those who do not have allergies.

He also doesn’t believe in spending hours in the gym.

“It just makes you hungry,” opined Pasternak.

However, he does tell Lady Gaga and his other star clients to walk at least 10,000 steps daily and to complete a minimum of 10 minutes of strength-training moves.

As for diet, each client is told to eat protein, fiber, and healthy fats.

“[That is the] holy trinity of satiety,” said Harley.

Just need some Pinot before the plane.

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And clients, including Lady Gaga, email Pasternak daily to check in and confirm that they completed their diet and fitness checklist.

As the Inquisitr reported, Harley also trains Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian. In addition to working out, he’s a believer in blenders.

“Become good friends with your blender. Smoothies are filling and quick to make and clean up,” said Pasternak. “You can’t undo what you did last night, but you can press reset and eat as clean as possible the next day.”

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