‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Seems To Have Heavily Inspired The Upcoming ‘Mad Max’ Game

Avalanche Studios’ upcoming Mad Max game is supposed to be a unique take on the post-apocalyptic character rather than trying to represent either movie version of Max as portrayed by Mel Gibson or, more recently, Tom Hardy. However, after the developer released a new official trailer for the game from their official Twitter account, it has become evident that Avalanche has taken heavy inspiration from this year’s Mad Max: Fury Road.

To begin with, the visuals of the game bear far more in common with those seen in Furiosa’s wasteland. Rather than muted browns found in the classic Mel Gibson films, this summer’s Mad Max game will feature the vibrant oranges and reds from Fury Road. These brighter hues seem to be found throughout the skies and terrain of Avalanche’s version of Mad Max.

Mad Max Game War Boys

Borrowing another element from Tom Hardy’s newer Mad Max film, the game will feature a faction of wasteland combatants known as the War Boys. Like the similarly named adversaries of Fury Road, the War Boys featured in the game are represented as bald, half-naked men painted in white. Furthermore, the game’s version of the War Boys appear to be willing to stop their opponents using suicidal tactics by jumping at prey wielding explosive spears just like Immortan Joe’s War Boys in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Besides their near identical appearance, the fact that the upcoming Mad Max game has called these apocalyptic bandits War Boys shows a heavier influence from Fury Road than the older films in the series. While the newest installment of Mad Max features a similar War Boys faction, no one is ever called by that phrase in any of the classic Mel Gibson movies.

Rather than being led by Immortan Joe, however, Game Informer reports that the War Boys of the Mad Max game will follow a psychopathic wasteland warlord known as Scrotus. Judging from his towering appearance in the newest trailer, Scrotus earned his place leading the War Boys through sheer physical prowess. Based in scenes found throughout the video, players can expect to face-off against Scrotus and his War Boys several times within the upcoming Mad Max game.

As the Inquisitr reported earlier this year, Avalanche Studios Mad Max title is scheduled to release on September 1 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. In addition to taking control of Max himself, players will also be able to build their own battle-ready vehicle to travel the wastes.

Are you looking forward to the release of this summer’s Mad Max game?

[Images via Mad Max]