Demi Moore Is Trying To Copy Her Daughter Rumer, Wants To Be On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Demi Moore is considering competing in Dancing With The Stars.

Moore, now 52, was seemingly eager to join the show in an attempt to perk up her career after daughter Rumer Willis won last season’s DWTS.

Moore, who became a notable actress for her roles in Ghost and A Few Good Men, was more than willing to join DWTS as she believes it will “reinvigorate her lagging career.”

But daughter Rumer, Moore’s eldest daughter, was not at all happy about her mom joining the competition.

Moore may have been one of Rumer’s top supporters, but according to a source Rumer does not understand why her mom has to enter the show after her.

Rumer doesn’t get why mother Demi Moore, “who’s already an A-list star, needs to try to outshine her,” the source further added. The source also told Star Magazine that Moore even wants to team up with Val Chmerkovskiy!

Chmerkovskiy was Rumer’s partner in DWTS and the one who helped her win the mirror ball trophy.

rumer val

And apparently, this is not the first time that Moore will follow in the footsteps of her daughter.

In an Instagram photo Rumer shared on May 25, Moore was shown wearing a blue jumpsuit identical to her daughter Willis’ outfit.

Rumer Willis, who is now 26 years old, wore the same chic glasses and sported the same hairstyle as her mom. Both had their hands in their pockets as well.

rumer willis demi moore jumpsuit

But, the mother-and-daughter duo was very hard to tell apart and Willis posted it on her Instagram account with the caption, “That moment when you realize you actually are becoming your mother” with the hashtags #twinning and #imnotmad.

What’s next, Demi Moore? Getting a DWTS-inspired tattoo like your daughter?

rumer willis tattoo

After winning season 20 of DWTS, Rumer showed off an elegant tattoo with a DWTS theme. The elaborate tattoo was on Rumer’s arm and the intricate pattern “shows a woman dancing with a man made up of stars”, Hollywoodlife reported.

Rumer obtained it as a “reminder that what we are searching for can only be found within yourself”, the online magazine further added.

Nevertheless, Rumer Willis is happy to see her mom actually excited about doing another gig, as Demi Moore hasn’t starred in any hit movies lately.

[Main image by Jeffery Mayer, Getty Images]