George Michael’s Rep Denies He’s In Rehab

Singer George Michael denies rehab rumors

While singer George Michael used to be known for his excellent vocal chords and a singing career that goes back to the 80’s, it seems any time he appears in the headlines lately, it’s because he has messed up somehow. And this time is no exception, with reports saying he had recently checked into a rehab facility in Switzerland.

According to German news site,, George Michael, 51, checked into the Kusnacht Practice based in Switzerland. Once the most expensive place to go for rehab, the Kusnacht Practice charges around €100,000 (approx. $US112,690) per client for “alcohol and drug addiction, eating disorders, compulsive gambling, sex addiction and internet addiction.” Various outlets are reporting George Michael entered himself into rehab after admitting her was smoking up to “25 joints a day”.

However, George Michael’s rep has stepped forward to deny the rehab claims. “George has not just entered rehab but is spending time in Europe. He is well and enjoying an extended break,” reports The Mirror.

Even though George Michael is denying claims he is in rehab, he has actually been spotted close to the rehab center in question, with images emerging yesterday of the singer spending time with a friend in a restaurant in Zurich. It is apparently the first time George Michael has been seen in public in 19 months. Friends close to George Michael have reportedly been concerned with his reclusive behavior, especially after he missed the wedding last month of friend and fellow singer, Gerri Halliwell.

Regardless of whether or not George Michael is in rehab, this is not the first time he has admitted to marijuana use. In fact, George Michael has admitted to drug use in the past on several occasions. However, in 2008 he was arrested and cautioned for possession of drugs. This came a year after he bragged he was “a happy man, and can afford my marijuana, so that’s not a problem”. While there is no evidence suggesting drug use, NME also lists several instances where George Michael was involved in incidents in recent years, including falling out of a car and collapsing while at home.

On a happier note, fellow singer, Adele, recently celebrated her birthday by dressing up as George Michael. She chose to don a wig and fake stubble in honor of the cover of George Michael’s Faith album.

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[Image credit: Getty Images / Scott Heavey]