Lil Wayne, Christina Milian ‘LilMilzy’ Wedding Plans?

Will Lil Wayne put a ring on it? This news should come as no surprise since Christina Milian revealed in mid-January that she has had a long-time man-crush on Lil Wayne.

Soon after, the relationship rumors about Lil Wayne and Christina Milian started bubbling up each time they were sighted together — and they officially made their relationship public in late March.

Now, a new interview with Christina Milian reports that she has big plans for Lil Wayne — and it includes wedding bells. Could this solidify “LilMilzy” once and for all?

Hip Hollywood quotes Christina Milian stating the following about Lil Wayne.

“No we’re not talking wedding bells right now… But if it happened, you never knew, it’d be cool. I’m always open to wedding bells.”

From their headlines so far, it appears that if Lil Wayne and Christina Milian are headed for wedded bliss, the union would likely be a playground for their shared interests.

For example, Lil Wayne and Christina Milian are both musicians — and have at least one collaboration coming up. Lil Wayne is still due to put out his #FWA (Free Weezy Album) at any point in the near future — but he will definitely be collaborating with Christina Milian on a new single that will be released in June.

How sincere is Lil Wayne and Christina Milian’s love? Music Times reports that Christina Milian stated that her song “Rebel” was inspired by Lil Wayne. According to E Online, Christina Milian also said her new “Rebel”-inspired tattoo was related to Lil Wayne.

In Lil Wayne’s court, he’s not afraid to profess his love for Christina Milian — and included her in a new song released in June. Rap Up says, “Lil Wayne and Turk, reunite on the remix to “You Mad Yet?”… while Weezy shouts out his girl Christina Milian (“I got a pop star cutie with a popcorn bootie / And she star in movies”).”

Despite these tokens of affection and the fact that Lil Wayne loves to spoil Christina Milian with dozens of roses, this relationship already shows a great deal of sincerity. In particular, Christina Milian has one of the highest of all opinions about Lil Wayne and told MTV in late April that Lil Wayne was “sweet.”

In addition to being sweet, Christina Milian also stated the following about Lil Wayne.

“We’re actually very much alike and that’s the beautiful thing about it. You just actually don’t imagine that [right] out the gate, our similarities — we’re two very passionate people, about life, about family, about our hard work, about what we love, about music. He’s a fantastic person. Very, very sweet.”

In other words, while it may be too soon at this point (since they’ve only officially been dating a few months) — who are we kidding? Chances are, it is likely that we will see Christina Milian and Lil Wayne transforming into #LilMilzy before too long.

[Feature images via Getty Images and Getty Images]