Gabi Grecko: Pregnant By 72-Year-Old, Grecko’s Baby News Gets No Rise Out Of Husband’s Ex

Gabi Grecko pregnant

Gabi Grecko is pregnant with her first child, but some people are doubting the news. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the 26-year-old model announced that she’s having a baby with her 72-year-old husband, but she posted a “stock” photo of a pregnancy test that she got from Google… so some people think that she’s lying.

She has defended herself, but people are still giving her a hard time.

“They don’t know what’s going on. They don’t want to help. They don’t want to make things better. They just want to attack me and I don’t want them to attack my baby. I want all of those wishes and all of those people out there to be positive towards it because I’m already worried you know. I want things to go right.”

If Gabi Grecko is pregnant, she will soon start showing, and people will know that she wasn’t making it up for publicity. According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, Gabi said that the pregnancy wasn’t planned. She said she had been “feeling sick,” and now she knows why. This contradicts another interview where Gabi allegedly said that she wasn’t using contraceptives with Geoffrey because they wanted to start a family together. This is another reason that people wonder if she’s really pregnant.

“I’ve been feeling sick for weeks, felt horrible now I know why. Me and Geoff are so happy we feel so blessed he told me before we were even engaged that I was the only woman he’d had ever wanted children with. He cried when we found out.”

Gabi is hoping for a boy, and says that she’d like to name him after his daddy.

Since Gabi Grecko announced that she was pregnant, her husband, Geoffrey Edelsten’s, ex-wife is said to be “unfazed” by the news, according to Mail Online. Brynne Edelsten is apparently not impressed by her husband’s new wife (his third), and doesn’t really seem to care that he’s having a baby with her. In fact, Brynne wishes nothing but the best for the couple’s child.

“Is it third time’s the charm or third strike you’re out?. It’s not really my business, but like I said a baby’s always a blessing so I just wish them well and a healthy baby. I’m not [angry at their marriage]. There was a time that I felt bad that everything was happening, and there was a time when there were some really nasty, horrible things being said, but that’s not really my problem, I’m going to go on living life.”

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